Sunday: Long Run

I ran 5 miles again at Lake Shawnee. I wore more layers today and ditched the overcoat. This was much more comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was in a sweat box. I was comfortable for the entire run without feeling bogged down and my time showed it. I took off a full 5 minutes from my time last week. Never in my life did I think I would be a runner but I enjoy my time out there.

I now have to figure out if I want to do my own thing preparing for the half-marathon in April or if I want to use a plan set up by a running app. On the one hand I have very specific times I can run and what I’m doing seems to be working. On the other, I’ve never done a half-marathon and I’m afraid if I don’t have the proper plan in place I’ll get out there and completely shut down after 7-10 miles not having the right training. I look at the plans and they look like a step back in terms of distance but they also concentrate on things like pace and endurance, which I’m not sure I’m really taking into consideration. I have a plan set up on the Nike Run Club app that I am going to try for at least a week or so and see how it works with my schedule. If not then I’ll be back to just winging it for this first face.img_0289