Sunday: Long Run

I ran my 5 miles today at Shawnee Lake. I started at the dam and ran 2.5 miles then turned around and ran back. It is 7 miles to run completely around the lake but the backside of the lake has some pretty steep hills. Running it counter clockwise isn’t so bad. I don’t think I would ever run it clockwise. At least not at my current running ability. It will be nice once it gets warmer and I don’t have to run with all my cold gear on. It was about 40 degrees this morning so I was bundled up pretty good. The wind coming across the dam was pretty severe. I did complete the run in under an hour which was my goal. I have one more 5 mile run before I start doing 7 miles in February. The lake will be the perfect place to complete those runs. Now if only it would get warmer.