Saturday: Progress Report (2/18/2017)

This week was much better then last week. Not as many oppertunities to snack on food and a lot of time to work out. This is the first week that I unloaded all three trucks at work. This is a pretty good workout for me to replace my early morning running workouts. I start an activity on my Apple Watch for the unload and I’m burning more than 500 calories for the 75-90 minute unload. Not only am I getting my heart rate up but I’m also adding a bit of resistance lifting all the cartons. Some of which can be quite heavy. I also get a good stretching workout twisting, turning, and reaching while unloading the truck.

My other workouts this week went well also. I’m sharing my additional strength workouts with my trainer via a Numbers spreadsheet. This allows me to take my iPad to my workouts and log my weights, reps and how difficult the excercise was. I figured this is a good way for him to give me feedback if I need to up weights or reps.

So here is how my week went:

Sunday (Recovery Run): 3.01 miles / 35:09 / 11’39” pace.

Monday (Speed Run): This was the first speed fun of my training. Basically its a 7 minute easy jog followed by a 3 minute all out run. The idea is to be able to finish stronger then you started. It ends with a 5 minute easy job/walk to cool down. I also worked out with my trainer today. He suggested some excercises that I can do on my own to help with my grip strength. I’m having problems when doing dead lifts with keeping my grip more then I am with lifting the actual weight.

Tuesday (Benchmark Run): Today was a benchmark run. The Nike Run Club app tosses these 15 minute runs in to gage how well the training is going. I uses them to dynamically change the upcoming workouts. I have noticed that my workouts do change. Unfortunatly it usually means that my long/recovery runs are longer now.

Wednesday: Did my strength training today. The weight for the dumbell bench press are still challenging for me. The burpees are getting easier as my core is getting stronger.

Thursday (Long Run): 6.01 miles / 1:09:47 / 11’36” pace.

Friday: Much needed rest day. Only excercise is unloading the truck at work in the morning.

Saturday: Strength training and Swimming (1250 yds / 32:20 / 2’35” pace).


Average weight last week: 252.78 lbs
Average weight this week: 249.75 lbs
Difference -3.03 lbs

Body Fat

Bicep: 7 cm
Tricep: 14 cm
Subscapular: 12 cm
Suprailiac: 17 cm
Total Body Fat Percentage: 24.56

I bought me a pair of Accu-Measure calipers to try to get a more accurate measure of my body fat percentage. I have been using my Withings scale since day one to track my weight loss. I know scales that use bioelectrical impedance can be inaccurate. So I wanted to try to get a better idea of what I was working with. I got the calipers today and had Shane help me out with the measurements. Surprisingly, it was not that much different then the scale.

When I started losing weight and stepped on the scale for the first time I got a body fat percentage of 50.9. At 396.2 lbs that worked out to 201.6 lbs of fat mass. My most current scale reading is 23.7%. Which at 255.1 lbs works out to be 60.3 lbs of fat mass. That number alone is enough to make me happy with my progress. But was I really making the progress that I had hoped? It was time to use the calipers.

For my measurements I used the Durnin/Womersley four site skin fold method to calculate my body fat. This method uses folds on the bicep, tricep, subscapular and suprailiac. I did a search for an online calculator for this method and found this site.