3/11/17 Progress Report

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last progress report. Finding time to blog has been harder than I had anticipated. But I’m going to try harder to make it a priority. I really enjoy it and want to create even more content. So with that out of the way here was my week.

Sunday: 3.50 mile run with my friend Terri. Did a respectable 10’49″/mi pace. I’m a bit torn on whether I like running with a buddy or not. On the one hand the time seems to go along quicker and it keeps me at a more consistent pace it seems. Yet it’s just so much more simple to go out, put on your headphones and run while zoning out to some music.

Monday: Strength training with Heath. No dead lifts today. Instead I got to squat 195 lbs. No bench today behind me either to help me know how far down to go. My legs were sore about every day this week. It’s been awhile since I had that kind of soreness.

Tuesday: Recovery run (1.77 miles). Ran on the treadmill today. Not a big fan of running indoors but I did read setting a 1.0 percent incline on the treadmill better simulates running on a flat surface outdoors. It was more tolerable and will continue to try it when I have to be inside.

Wednesday:  Speed run (3 x 1200 m).  Again it was indoors on a treadmill. My average pace was 10’58″/mi.

Thursday: Recovery run (2.0 miles). 11’04″/mi pace. Strength training on my own.

Friday: Speed run (6 x 1000 m). Completed today’s run before it got really cold and nasty. 9’55″/mi pace. I’m impressed with my speed today. Exhausted but getting under a 10 minute mile pace is huge for me.

Saturday: Strength training on my own.

No long runs this week but have a 9 miles run scheduled for next week. Might be the first time I have to walk part of a run. We will see. Now for the numbers.


Average weight last week: 247.64 lbs
Average weight this week: 247.52 lbs
Difference -.12 lbs

Body Fat

Suprailiac: 18 cm
Total Body Fat Percentage: 22.8

I bought me a pair of Accu-Measure calipers to try to get a more accurate measure of my body fat percentage. I have been using my Withings scale since day one to track my weight loss. I know scales that use bioelectrical impedance can be inaccurate. So I wanted to try to get a better idea of what I was working with. I got the calipers today and had Shane help me out with the measurements. Surprisingly, it was not that much different then the scale.

When I started losing weight and stepped on the scale for the first time I got a body fat percentage of 50.9. At 396.2 lbs that worked out to 201.6 lbs of fat mass. My most current scale reading is 23.7%. Which at 255.1 lbs works out to be 60.3 lbs of fat mass. That number alone is enough to make me happy with my progress. But was I really making the progress that I had hoped? It was time to use the calipers.