4/8/2017 Progress Report

This week has been building to my first half marathon in two weeks. Hit a record run this week on my way to completing 13.1 miles on April 22nd. This is also the last week that I have not been logging my food. Starting today I’ll be logging again to make sure I’m hitting my macros. It’s the one thing I have not been able to accurately keep track of while not logging. Here is the rundown for the week.

Sunday: 3.85 mile run (10:30 pace).

Monday: Truck unload in the morning. Strength training with Heath after work. Used a new app on my phone called Strong that works really well for strength training. Love how I can complete a routine completely on my Apple Watch. Walked the dogs with Shane in the evening.

Tuesday: 2.76 mile run on the treadmill (10:20 pace).

Wednesday. Truck unload in the morning. Strength training after work. 1.29 mile Benchmark run on the treadmill (11:44 pace).

IMG_0404Thursday: 11.28 mile run (11:04 pace). This was the big one this week. Really happy with my time. Used some energy gummy’s for the first time. Will probably use them for my half marathon also. Gave me some good energy. Will have to use them a little later in the run though. Had an energy drop off for about the last mile. A massive 1878 active calories burned for this run.

Friday: Truck unload in the morning. Rest day. No running or resistance training today.

Saturday: Strength training this morning. 3.20 mile speed run (9:13 pace) in the evening. I really hate running in the evening.

Over all feel good about my progress. Also trying to stay well hydrated. My goal is to drink at least a gallon of water a day. I am confident that I will be able to complete my half marathon in under 02:30:00.