Garmin Oz Run Half Marathon

This was a lot of fun for my first competitive race. The race was supposed to start at 6:45 am but because of traffic issues they posponed it until 7:10 am. I got to meet up with my pace runners who couldn’t have been nicer. I was able to keep up at the start of the pace group up until about mile 6 and then it spread out enough that the lead pacer and the back pacer for the group started to spread out. The lead was right on pace for 2 hours and 25 minutes and the back pacer was about 3 minutes back from that. In reality the back pacer finished with me at 02:26:12.

I am really glad I decided to go with the faster group but I was dead tired by the end. The last hill just about did me in. I ran the entire race up until then and had to walk for about 30 seconds to finish up the last hill. But at that point I could hear all the people at the finish line so I was pumped to finish. It also didn’t hurt that the shirt I was wearing had a lot of racers congratulating me as they ran past me. It was just enough to keep my tired arms and legs moving.

This experience was truly amazing and look forward to my next race. I am now a runner!

Oz Run Start:

Oz Run Finish: