Weight Progress for 4/23/2017


Another good week for me. Of course running a half marathon is bound to burn some fat. I have fully switched over to the Lose It app for logging. Still getting the hang of it but I like it more than MFP. There are still a few differences that I need to get used to but over all I like it. Enough to pay for a years worth of Premium which I never did buy with MFP.


Taken 4/23/2017 at the Topeka Downtown YMCA.

This might be the last week of 1+ lbs losses. Since my race if over I have discussed with my trainer switching from a weight loss focus to building lean mass. Like I have said before, I’m not all that focused on a final weight goal as I am on a body composition goal. My next goal is to get under 17% body fat. I’m currently at about 20% body fat. Once I get to 17% then I’ll make another goal and change my focus accordingly.

I’m really enjoying myself with all this new-found energy. And it’s so nice to see others, even at the gym whom I’ve never talked to, come up and ask me questions and get that look like “If this guy can do it just maybe I can too.”

It’s time to upgrade to Scott 3.0.