Saturday Ride – 18 miles


Had a great ride yesterday. Decided to get out earlier then normal because I wanted to get in a couple extra miles. It was cooler then it has been and it was quite breezy. Started again from the Crestview shelter and decided this morning I would ride the entire Shunga trail path to the end and ride the Deer Creek trail. I did this ride once before with my friend Roger and was hoping it would be at least 9 miles. I wanted to do 18 miles today so if I was hoping I could get 9 miles out. Turns out that the entire Shunga and Deer Creek trail is just a hair over 9 miles. So distance wise this was a great ride.

Unfortunately I’m having issues with logging my rides/runs with my iPhone and Apple Watch. When I use my watch alone the apps seem to crash and then I only get part of the workout. This has happened with both Strava and the Nike Run Club app. The Apple workout app works great but there is no way to share the info it gets with other apps. Yesterday I use the MotiFIT Ride app which PokeMotiworks great on the phone. But because there was a special Pokemon event happening where you get 4x the candy for your buddy I wanted to try to take advantage of that on this ride.
So I loaded up the MotiFIT Ride app on my Apple Watch (series 2) and I started the Pokemon GO app on my phone. I don’t like to run both of them on the phone since they both use GPS and it can sometimes create problems. The watch was keeping track of time/distance/HR so I figured I was doing good. The Pokemon app on the other hand was not giving me any distance for my buddy and hatching eggs. I wasn’t sure how slow you had to go for it to register the distance. I didn’t think I was going too fast but maybe I was. So I didn’t get any credit for the distance on the app. When I got home and looked at the ride on my phone after it synced, I noticed it didn’t have any GPS map data.

So the lesson learned from this is that when I go out to run or ride to use the MotiFIT app on my phone and don’t worry about Pokemon.