Saturday Ride – 18.8 miles


C9ABF3EA-D787-4435-8FA1-FFDBF4181D1DSecond 18+ mile ride. Getting to the point where the trails are not going to be long enough for me to ride the distance I want unless I start doing some creative routes. I still have the Landon trail I can ride out and back to give me about another 5 miles I believe but doing anything longer then 25 miles is going to push being able to do them in town on the trails. I have a friend that rides out at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas that I might have to switch too.

Unfortunately once I get to the 25 mile mark I’m probably going to have to get a different bike. I currently have a Huffy Vantage 3.0 mountain bike that weighs 50 pounds and has over sized tires. When I got it I figured I needed a big strong bike to hold my 300+ pounds. And the over sized tires just seemed like they would be better to support me. Now that I’m down to 230 pounds I’m finding out that the extra weight and over sized tires take a lot of effort on my part to keep moving. 25 miles just might be my limit on this bike before I have to get a proper road bike to continue to add milage on a ride.

But for now I’m happy with where I’m at and will continue to add more miles to each Saturday ride.