Sunday Run – 6.6 miles


Today I got in the first post half marathon lake run. I plan on doing this every other week with my friend to gauge how well I’m progressing this spring/summer. I can’t believe it was only October of last year when I tried this run. I started out running a mile, walking a quarter mile, then repeat. And now I can run this in less than 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Today’s run was great weather wise and the wind that usually likes to push you around out there was almost non existent. My friend wants me to try going the opposite direction next time. Doing that requires you go up steeper hills and down longer inclines.  I’ve only ever ran the lake counter clockwise but I’m sure I can do it the other way as well. I still want to add a shorter run during the week so these don’t get too difficult. I haven’t decided what I will do on the opposite Sunday’s. I will either try and do another long run somewhere besides the lake or I will do a 4-5 mile run near my house.

Either way I’m still getting some good milage even though I’m not currently training for a particular race.