Weight Progress for 5/28/2017


Untitled 1Another week, another loss. I have to admit, I was expecting a much smaller trend down this week. My week was pretty crazy and I didn’t get to eat as well as I wanted. I was over my calorie budget two of the days, one significantly. I had a split double shift on Tuesday for inventory. I went in at 5:30 am and worked until 12:30 pm. My plan was to come home and sleep before I had to go back in at 5:30 pm. But I decided I wanted to stay up until I got off at 4:30 am on Wednesday morning. Because I was awake for so long, and there was nothing else to do, I snacked all night long. I did ask for some healthier fare to combat the pizza, soda, chips, and cookies. So I was able to eat some fruits and vegetables also.

Wednesday looks really low, but that is because I slept most of the morning and didn’t have a lot to eat. Thursday was high again because a friend wanted to do lunch so of course I said yes. By the end of the week I actually didn’t do too bad. I was under my calorie budget for the week and my macros were not terrible either. I could have used more protein this week. But I always feel I can use more protein. It’s the one nutrient that I can get behind on if I’m not paying attention to what I’m eating.

So even after feeling like this was a crap week for me it didn’t turn out all that bad. I’m happy with my progress and continuing to get more healthy.