Saturday Ride – 18.7 miles


Boy was it windy out there today. I might have shouted the Lords name in vain a couple of times on my way back. It wasn’t too bad on the out run but the back was horrible. Clouds rolled in as I was turning onto the Deer Creek trail and the winds came a howling. Made even worse if the fact that the second half of Shunga has no natural wind breaks and Deer Creek had trees that just funneled the wind toward me.

But regardless of all the wind I was able to shave a couple of minutes off my time from last week. I’m now shooting to try to complete this ride in less than 01:30:00. If I can do that then I will start to add some more miles. Not even sure if it’s possible with my current bike. I’ll give it another month or so and if I’m not making any head way then I’ll just have to look at getting a different bike. My current bike is 50 lbs and has the big tires so it takes a lot of energy to keep it going.

I was particular motivated this morning because before I went out to ride I weighted in at 222 lbs which is a new low for me. Getting close to my goals and looking forward to even more rides this summer.