Let’s Talk: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

obstructive-sleep-apneaI want to talk about something that may or may not apply to you but was a HUGE factor in me finally being able to lose the weight I wanted. Obstructive sleep apnea. When I was 28 I was tested and diagnosed with OSA. At the time I was 350 lbs. I used the machine in the beginning and got my weight down to about 310 lbs. But I just had such a hard time sleeping with it that I stopped. And I eventually got back up to 400 lbs. I tried again about 5 years ago to lose weight and got down to about 370 lbs. But then again I went back up over 400 lbs because my body was still tired from OSA. After being in the hospital twice for cellulitis, my doctor wanted me to lose some weight and asked me about my OSA because if I could get that under control it would go a long way to getting my high blood pressure down. He also wanted me to try to lose some weight. I got sent back in for another sleep study to get tested for a new machine. I still had the severe form of OSA. I believe my AHI (number of events per hour my body either stopped or partially stopped breathing) was 32. I was given a machine with a pressure of 14-16mm. This time I used it religiously.

You know what happened? My body got the rest that it so desperately needed. I felt better just from using the machine. And that feeling better helped me feel more motivated to workout. It also helped me not be so exhausted throughout the day. I’m now over 170 lbs down and I am at an AHI of .6 with a mean pressure of 9mm. What I’m saying is, losing weight, especially a lot of weight, if tough under the best of situations. But it’s an even more massive undertaking if your body isn’t the best it can be because it’s not getting the rest it needs. If you are someone who is looking to lose 100+ lbs it’s conceivable you have OSA. I would recommend, especially if you have tried and failed several time to lose weight, that you ask your doctor to be test for OSA. Getting it treated is literally the first step to my being successful. I believe 100 per cent that if I didn’t have it treated then I would not be where I am today weight wise.