Saturday Ride – 18.7 miles


Had a great ride this morning after sleeping in. Got home late last night from spending all day at a local amusement park, Worlds of Fun. Wasn’t sure if I was up for my full morning ride or not. But once I got out on the trail I felt really good so I wound up going for it. Again I tried to use Pokemon Go to hatch eggs and again I was disappointed. So I just concentrated on form and speed for this ride. I hit a couple of personal records on some segments and finished with a great time of 01:38:13 which was a full 2 minutes faster then last week. I’m sure it would have been even faster but I wasn’t sure how to pause the run on my watch so I just let the time go for my half way rest. My plan is to do at least one more week of this distance and then try and add a couple more miles.