Weight Progress for 6/11/2017


summaryGot away with another big weekly loss. At some point this has got to slow down. I was thinking after last weeks big drop that this week would be smaller. But that was not the case. I’m thinking I might need to add a few more calories to my daily budget or not burn so many calories. At this point I think I would rather up my calorie budget then slow down with the workouts.

I have been trying to get my daily protein goal without having to rely so much on shakes. This was the second week trying to just eat more protein dense foods. But I’m still coming up short. I want to be at about 190g of protein for a 2500 calorie daily budget (30%). But I’m only averaging about 20% for my weekly average. So this week I’m focusing back on the shakes. Four shakes a day will give me 80g of my protein goal. I’m pretty sure I can make up the rest with protein dense food.

My carbs this week have also been higher and I want to try to get those down a bit. They don’t seem to be affecting my weight loss but I would rather eat those calories in either protein or fat. My fat percentage has been pretty good since I upped them a couple of weeks ago. It does seem to help with feeling hungry during the day.

Every day I’m getting closer and closer to my goals. Let me know how you are doing with  your goals. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day!