Weight Progress for 6/18/2017

UntitledNo pretty graphic for my weight trend this week. I usually get my email from my scale with my trend by today and it still has not come. Withings got bought out by Nokia awhile back and this week was their rollout of the new branding, app, and website. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will continue to send me updates weekly going forward.

So for the good news. My weekly average weight this week is 223 lbs. That is -1.4 pounds. I eat at a 1.5 pound a week deficit so this is pretty spot on for me. Much better than the previous 2 weeks where I was dropping 2+ lbs per week.

This week was also an off week for me. First one in 21 months. What that means is starting on Saturday, for one week, I am eating at maintenance and not doing any cardio or strength training. I should have been taking short rest breaks during my weight loss journey but I neglected to do so. And I got to the point where I was just worn out. So this week was all about recharging and resetting. I’m on day four and I feel much better. I’m not as exhausted as I had become and I enjoy the little extra time I have doing other things than working out.

After this week I’m soliciting the advice of friends to see where I want to go from here. I’ll get more into my thinking later this week or next but I’m finding that for the first time in a year and a half, I don’t have a concrete plan. So before I start my next 6 months, I want to try to figure out what it is I want and make a good plan going forward that will allow me to succeed in meeting the goals I set. But for now I’m just enjoying the rest.