Weight Progress for 6/25/2017

]Again I did not get my weekly update from my scale since Withings rebranded as Nokia last week. So I’ll be doing it old school from now on. Have to say I’m a bit disappointed with their support since the switch. The app isn’t even updating iHealth either. Very frustrated. But here is my weekly update nevertheless.

This weeks average: 221.1 lbs
Weekly trend: -1.9 lbs

Just a reminder that this was the week I ate at maintenance, 2800 calories, and didn’t do any additional cardio or strength. And I still crushed the weight loss. I’m assuming my body would need several weeks of eating at maintance to truly slow down the weight loss. But I’m only doing it for one week. So it is what it is.

THis week I started back with my weight training and cardio. I am back to eating at a deficit this week also. But instead of staying with a 1.5 lbs deficit, I am lower it to a .5 lbs deficit. I have decided I don’t want to necessarily lose very much more weight. I am about a pound from my original “stretch” goal and I’m very happy with where I’m at. What I have done is change my focus from losing weight to getting more fit.

What I mean by this is I want to train to complete triathlons, races, and obstacle courses. So my focus will be on general fitness and endurance. I have also decided after spending time with my younger sisters friends at what would have been her 25th high school reunion to raise money for the Midwest Transport Network, an organization that coordinates organ donation in my area. My sister was an organ donor and was able to help others with her gift of life. So for every dollar I raise I will run, bike or swim a mile. My initial goal is $5000. If you would like to know more or donate you can visit the Go Fund Me page I set up in her name.

I’ll post more later as I finalize the races I want to compete in this year and what I am thinking about doing in 2018. I’m very excited with this new direction I have chosen and hope you will continue to follow me on this journey.