Weight Progress for 6/4/2017


Untitled 2Not really sure what to say about this week. I’m assuming next week will either be a trend positive or maintaining.

2.3 pounds at this point is just unexpected. I went way over on Thursday because of an unexpected lunch with a friend but I knew I was under my weekly budget at that point so I wasn’t worried. Nor did I try to do anything different after that to make up for those extra calories.

This is the first full week where I am now using the active calories + workouts function of LoseIt. As you can see on the chart to the right, I am closer to my weekly calorie budget. I’m sure doing it this way is more accurate than doing it by steps.

As for my macros, I am still struggling to get my protein up to around 30%. I’m trying to get the majority of my protein from food and not have to rely so much on protein shakes. Before I was drinking about 125g of my 180g daily protein goal in shakes. Now I’m only drinking about 80g of protein. It’s more difficult to hit my protein goal this way but I don’t want to rely on shakes for my needs. So I’m lower now than I want but I’m getting better at choosing foods that will help me get to my daily protein goal.

And on a side note, my dad called me this weekend to check up on me. Said he was catching up on “the Facebook” and he and my mom were checking out my pictures. My mom wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing “too much” weight. She wants to make sure I’m not becoming anorexic. I assured him I’m eating 2800-3000 calories a day so I’m not starving myself to lose the weight. Quite the opposite, I’m eating quite a bit.

So a very good week trend wise. Will have to see how I do next week after this big drop.

Have a great week y’all!