Beginning a New Chapter


I started attending a run club clinic ran by The Underground Lab (UGL) last month. A friend of mine posted about it on Facebook so I wanted to give it a try. I had no formal running training and figured if I was going to continue running for exercise I really needed some basic instruction. These sessions were twice a week for five weeks. Even though I had to travel to Lawrence Kansas, a city 30 miles away, I felt it was worth my time to give it a try. I’m very glad I did as I have used that instruction every time I’m out running. I also had a great time meeting new people who also make fitness a choice of theirs to pursue.

This past weekend the UGL started a #weekendwarrior clinic that will fun for the next four weeks. Since the run club was hugely helpful I wanted to give this a try also. These sessions will be at various places around Lawrence and cost whatever you want to donate. Each week the organization that it helps will change. This past week was for the Lawrence Humane Society, an organization very near and dear to my heart. So I got up early, jumped in the car and headed to Lawrence. By the time the session started there was a significant amount of people taking part. I had a blast and the whole event was very well ran from start to finish. The trainers there were super helpful and encouraging to everyone regardless of fitness prowess. I left there exhausted. On the way home a thought stuck in the back of my mind that couldn’t shake.

“I am so alone on this journey. Am I doing these events because I want to be more fit? Or am I doing them because I’m with other people?”

I have been on this journey for 22 months now. And for the most part I have done this completely by myself. The only exception to this is my strength trainer, a co-worker that I run with and a friend that I bike with. My husband is encouraging but has no interest in fitness. My friends are at awe with my progress, but again, no interest in fitness. That leaves me doing this by myself 99% of the time. Which was ok while I was in the process of losing the weight. But what now? Now that I’m coming close to my weight loss goal. How do I stay here if a huge part of my life has no one to share it with?

Enter the UGL.

This weekend I decided that I wanted to give the UGL a try for 30 days. A couple childhood friends work out there and Dylan, the run club instructor, is a trainer there. So I plunked down my money and got a 30 day membership. Yesterday evening was my first session.

I arrive a bit early for my group class to be shown around by the owner Fernando. First impression was this guy is passionate about fitness. Not only is he passionate about fitness, but he wants to share that passion with others.

People passionate about fitness. Check!

There is another group session going on as I’m being shown around. I can’t help but notice that people are helping one another. Not like my current gym where everyone just goes from station to station without ever really acknowledging each other.

People helping one another. Check!

Finally I start my workout. It’s clearly laid out what we will be doing for the next hour. We get to ask questions before hand to make sure we understand what we’re going to be doing. There is no mystery as to what we will be doing. They will give you a tough workout, you give them everything you got.

Workouts with purpose. Check!

When I left I was exhausted. I burned close to 650 calories. I have not had a calorie burn like that since I started spin class at 370 lbs. When I left there I honestly didn’t have anything left in the tank. My shirt felt like I just got out of a swimming pool wearing it. I changed my shirt and jumped back in the car for the ride home. 

Like I have done before on this journey, I stepped out of my comfort zone and glad I did. These 22 months have not just changed me physically. It has also changed me mentally. I don’t let difficult things become roadblocks. I put myself out there even if it means I might fail. I have a crap ton more confidence then I did when I started. I don’t sit in the back or of to the side in a group. I’m right there with them.

I’m very hopeful about my first experience at the UGL. I know for sure that if I give them my time and my energy, they will help build me into the best version of myself. I’m very excited. #letsdothis