Commencing Scott 2.0

This week brings with it quite a few changes for me in my quest to become the best version of myself. First of all I cancelled my YMCA membership. I’ve been a member for almost the entire 22 months I have been on this journey. I’m grateful I had such a great place to workout and found many new activities that I never thought I would be doing. These included spin class, swimming laps and running on the treadmill. I’ve become comfortable doing all these activities and they have spurred me on to be the best me.

I also found a great trainer and friend in Heath. I am very happy I introduced myself to him about a year ago and asked him if he was taking on clients. It’s been quite a year and my body has been transformed with his help. He has pushed me physically and taught me so much about strength training. I would not be where I am today if it was not for him. But like leaving the YMCA, I am also taking my leave of Heath also. It’s time for me to strike out and plot a new course. I’ve lost the weight. Now I want to find ways to incorporate fun and friends in my life that can push me to stay on this path.

Tuesday’s session at the UGL with Dylan.

Yesterday I had my third Fitness Core Module class at the Underground Lab (UGL) with Dylan. My core was already crushed from the buddy workout on Saturday’s #weekendwarrior session. Then I had my final training with Heath on Monday. By Tuesday I could feel my abs not being very happy with me. The workout as usual was intense. The worst part was doing this exercise where you get down on all fours and put your feet up in these stirrup things. Then you lift your knees up off the ground so your legs are suspended by your feet. Then you alternate your knees to your chest. We had to do this for 45 seconds. Then, as if that was not enough, we had to do 45 more seconds of mountain climbers after a 15 second break. I left the UGL having burned 533 calories and about a gallon of water sweated out.

Wednesday’s session at the UGL with Fernando.

Because of horrible circumstances that I have not gone into on my blog, we moved the truck at work I usually help unload on Wednesday morning to Thursday. I try to keep my sessions at the UGL on opposite days that I unload the truck. So I went to my first Wednesday session today. It is also the first time I was not training with Dylan. Today’s session was with the owner of the gym, Fernando.

I got to meet a lot of new people in today’s session which is one of the reasons I wanted to move on from the YMCA and join a gym that I could meet and get to know others who make fitness a priority. I was happily surprised when I got to workout with my friend Gretchen. That happiness was soon tempered by the hard work that was about to go down. Again lots of working on my core. I definitely need a day off after this. I like the combination of cardio and resistant training I’ve been getting so far at the Lab. Today I was able to drop 711 calories on the floor before all was said and done.

I’ve decided that when my 30 day trial is over I’m going to stay at the Lab for the next three months. It’s a bit of a slog to drive to Lawrence to attend class but I think it’s going to be worth it. I can then work more cycling and running into my workout plan on days I’m not going to the Lab. I have not figured out how I’m going get more swimming workouts in since I will no longer have access to the pool at the YMCA once my membership expires.

My plan is to rest the next two days and then take part in the #weekendworkout on Saturday. I’m sure my core will feel better by then. RIGHT? #exhausted