Status Update for 7/2/2017

Weekly Average Weight: 221.2 lbs
Weight trend: +0.1 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 175 lbs

This week I basically maintained my weight. I’m not surprised since I was eating at maintanence the previous week and still lost 2 poumds. I’m guessing that my metabolism took about a week to wind down from the increased calories and no cardio/strength training. I eased back into my workout routine this past week.

Strength: On Monday I did heavy lifting with my trainer. On Wednesday I did a full body strength workout. I usually do another full body strength workout on Friday but I skipped it his week. We received a “Back to School” trailer to unload at work Friday morning so I was lifting a lot of paper and notebooks. Needless to say I was a bit tired and got a lot of good lifting in anyway. I talked to my trainer about changing my lifting routines to be more enduranced based instead of building lean mass. I originally thought I wanted to build mass but now that I’m focusing on endurance races I need to train for that. Next week we will change things up a bit. I love how flexible my trainer is with me when I decide I want to change directions.

Running: Thursday I ran 3.26 miles. Easing back into the running. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last run. I feel great when I’m out running now. The instruction I received in Lawrence last month has really helped my form and performance. I am taking the time to focus on my technique especially when I start to get tired. This has helped me push harder and run faster.

Cycling: Saturday I biked 25.86 miles. First time breaking the 20 mile mark on my bike. I origainally planned on just doing my normal Shunga-Deere Creek ride but decided at the last minute to add the Landon trail into the mix also. I need to log more miles for my “Miles for Jennifer” fundraiser and figured this was a good way to doing it. I’m pretty impressed that I can continue to push myself further and further in both running and cycling. Now I just need to do that with my swimming.

Swimming: No workout this week. I’m in desperate need of a swimming coach if I’m serious about competing in triathalons. This might be the first thing I need outside help with to compete.

Lastly I apologize for these updates being so late. Starting next week I plan on posting these on Sunday. Since I’m no longer getting my weight update emailed to me I’m just grabbing the data from the Health app and doing the math myself. I’m also going to start tracking body mass info also going forward. So these weekly “weight” updates will really be weekly status updates since I’m not really tracking weight loss anymore.

Hope you all had a great forth and I hope you come back again next week.