Weekend Warrior with UGL – Week 2

I had an amazing time this morning at the UGL #weekendwarrior workout in Lawrence, KS. First thing that stuck me as I was walking into the Lawrence High School stadium, where this weeks workout was being held, was how many people were already there in addition to the people showing up for the #weekendwarrior workout. It’s something that I never see in Topeka. Lawrence really is a cool place to live especially if you want to make fitness a part of your life. You will see an occasional person running in Topeka but not close to the amount I saw just on my way there and back driving in town. The closest you will see to this many people working out is on Shunga trail either walking, running, or biking. I really wish there was a bigger community of people committed to a more fit lifestyle in Topeka.

Today’s workout involved partners. I was able to partner up with my friends husband today. Mike did an awesome job encouraging me on today though the tough workout. We started off with doing run drills. This was easy for me as they were the same drills I was used to for the run club I had attended. Next we started our partner drills. First off we did wheel barrels for 15 yards. Stopping at the 5 and 10 yard mark to do 5 diamond push ups. It was not lost on me that Mike had to hold my legs up which I’m sure are not light making his workout today even tougher. We then did another 15 yard wheel barrel this time hopping with our hands. And at the 5 and 10 yard mark we did wide arm push ups. We rotated these two for three sets with a short rest in between.

Next we did one arm kettle bell swings for 30 seconds alternating arms. Then we did high planks shoulder to shoulder passing the kettle bell underneath between us for 30 seconds. This was followed by throwing a medicine ball to our partner and sprinting 5 yards to switch positions for 30 seconds. After each set where both partners completed all the exercises we got a short break and repeated for a total of 4 sets. Then we were on to pairing a karaoke running drill with one partner pulling the other with an elastic fitness band and squat jumps forward, then right, then forward, then left. Repeated for 20 yards. We did this for three sets with a break in-between.

Finally, as if that was not enough of a workout early on a Saturday morning, we headed to the bleachers to do some more drills. This time we had to run up the seats of the stadium, run across one section and then down the steps. Lunge or bear crawl across the bottom row to the starting point. Next round is hopping up ever other stair, running across the top section and back down the stairs. Again lunge or bear crawl to the starting point. Final round is hopping up each stair, run across the top section and down the stairs, and lunge or bear crawl back to the beginning. This drill was repeated for 8 minutes.

And that is how my #weekendwarrior workout kicked my *kitten*. 

These are so much fun. Exhausting but fun. The people at the UGL do an amazing job putting together a workout that is tough and makes you feel like you really accomplished something. I was wringing sweat out of my shirt after this was all over with. The drive home was a good chance to relax and now I’m ready to tackle the day.

Hope your Saturday is as amazing as mine! Get out there and move. You won’t regret it.