Weekly Update – 7/16/2017

Weekly Average Weight218.26 lbs
Weekly Weight Trend -3.48 lbs
Weekly Average Body Fat % 17.57 lbs
Weekly Body Fat % Trend +.24%
Total Weight Lost 177.94 lbs

I guess this week my body was ready to give up some more weight. After the last two weeks with a small weight gain this week I lost almost 3.5 lbs. Guess I’m not done losing weight just yet.

Strength: Monday I completed another workout with my trainer. This week we worked on seeing how many bench press reps I could complete in 12 minutes. Bench presses are always more difficult for me than dead lifts. When I look at myself I think my upper body looks strong. As strong as my legs. But I feel weaker when I’m working out my arms verses my legs.

Crossfit: Completed two Fitness Core Modules at the Underground lab this week and one for the weekend warrior workout. These workouts leave me exhausted and completely soaked from sweat. I like the combination of cardio and weights. My plan is to continue going on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for the rest of my 30 day trial. At this point I’m leaning on sticking with the workouts at the UGL and cancelling my YMCA membership. Which unfortunately means I’ll probably have to stop my current sessions with my trainer there.

Running: Ran a total of 3.5 miles this week. On Friday evening I remembered about 8:00pm that I needed to complete a 3.5 mile run for the National Park achievement for the Apple Watch. It had to be ran on that day. So I put on my shoes and headed out the door hoping to get it completed before it got too dark. When I got home I completed the workout but didn’t see the achievement notification on my watch. Sometimes it takes a bit to get credit for the limited time achievements so I didn’t stress out too much. When I checked the next morning I still didn’t have it. So I looked at the achievement and noticed I had read the wrong date. It was for the next day. So I asked the hubby if he wanted to go out and hatch some Pokemon eggs. He did so we went ahead and walked the 3.5 miles and both got the achievement. OOPS!

Cycling: No cycling workout this week. Need to get one scheduled for next week.

Swimming: No workout this week. If I quit the YMCA it will be hard for me to continue to swim.

Other: Went to the Zoo for their Pokemon Safari event and walked around hatching eggs, spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon. It was fun but after walking 3.5 miles earlier we were both completely exhausted.

Food: My calories were pretty on point this week. I was hitting about 2800 calories each day this week. Saturday was the only day I went a bit wild and ate about 3400 calories. But because I don’t add in my exercise calories my deficit was still about 4000 calories for the week. My macro’s came in pretty decent also at 38c/27p/34f. I strive to hit a 40c/30p/30f ratio. I need to make a point this next week of doing better hitting my protein ratio. I also have been refocused on making sure I’m rehydrating. It’s very important since I’m exercising so much and for my skin.

Final Thoughts: Very successful week for me on losing weight. Also a very good week with my first Fitness Core Module workouts at the UGL. Just going to try to hit my calorie and macro goals this next week and continue to let my body go where it wants with my weight. I also did my four point body fat test with calipers and it came out to just over 20-21%. So higher than what my scale reads but in line with my overall progress. I use the scale mainly for trending and the calipers for getting a more accurate result. Still shooting for 17% on the calipers.