Weekly Update – 7/30/2017

Weekly Average Weight216.47 lbs
Weekly Weight Trend -2.37 lbs
Weekly Average Body Fat % 17.42%
Weekly Body Fat % Trend .7%
Total Weight Lost 179.73 lbs

Some crazy weeks I have had lately. This past week I did not log my food again. I’m trying to see if I can mentally keep track of my calories. I’m still aiming for about 2800 to 3000 calories. Even with that I trended down over 2 pounds for the week. Still losing weight at a pace I am not intending but will take it. I’m really just doing what I enjoy doing and eating sensibly. Whatever my weight settles out to be I’m ok with.

Strength: No strength this week. I really need to get into the gym at least one or twice a week until my membership expires at the end of August

Crossfit: Completed two sessions at the gym and one at the Campanile on the campus of The University of Kansas. Had a blast doing the last #weekendworkout with my friend Terri. 

Running: I ran 3 miles this week. Tried out my new Record Equipped shoes from Under Armor. They are really comfortable and I enjoy the extra information they give from the chip in the heals.

Cycling: Went riding with a new friend this week. We rode Friday and Saturday. Completed about 40 miles total. It was nice to get back out and ride. I purchased a new jersey and shorts for riding that are very comfortable. Hopefully the weather stays nice for awhile and I can continue to get out and ride.

Swimming: No workout this week.

Food: No logging this week again. Challenging myself to eat sensibly without having to log every meal.

Final Thoughts: Another big loss this week. I got to add cycling back into my exercise mix. If I keep this up I might actually get down to 200 pounds.