Weekly Update – 7/9/2017

Weekly Average Weight221.74 lbs
Weekly Weight Trend+0.54
Weekly Average Body Fat %17.33%
Weekly Body Fat % Trend-
Total Weight Lost174.46 lbs

Second week of a small weight gain. I’m still getting used to the smaller caloric deficit and not working out as much as I was before I took my break. I’m not stressing about it at this point. I’m just learning how to wind down a bit from what I was doing to lose the 175 lbs so far. Like before I’m using this as a learning opportunity about my body and how exercise and calories affect it now that I’m close to my goal weight.

Strength: On Monday I did a mixed workout with my trainer. We are moving to a more endurance based workout on Monday instead of muscle-building. For the first time I did 185 lbs dead lifts for 12 minutes. He told me to shoot for 55 reps. I was able to complete 88. We then moved on to some circuit training. One minute of squats with throwing a 10 pound ball, followed by 45 seconds of mountain climbers and finally 30 seconds of jumping jacks. We continued to do this for 4 sets with a small break in-between. We ended by doing more arms. I might regret saying I wanted to work on endurance.

Running: Ran a total of 10K this week. Did a 5K on Tuesday and Thursday. Working on my form as I get back into running. Using everything I learned from the Run Club I participated in last month to be a more efficient runner. I can feel a difference when I focus on form. I just have to keep that focus when I start to get tired. It’s a process I’m working through but I have the knowledge to make me a better runner.

Cycling: This week I rode my bike during the middle of the week on Wednesday. I took the day off and decided to put that free time to good use and wanted to try biking around Shawnee Lake a couple of times. My original plan was to bike twice around but decided to go for three times once I got out there. I was able to complete 22.8 miles. I paid the price the rest of the week. I usually do a long ride on Saturday and have the weekend to recover. By doing it on Wednesday I had to go back to work the next day and the trailer unload on Friday was a bit tough.

Swimming: No workout this week.

Other: Spent some time this week out walking around town with the hubby playing Pokemon Go. Fourth of July with friends and lots of good food. Plus another gathering with friends for a house warming party with more food.

Food: I feel I did a pretty good job of logging all the food I ate this week. It’s a bit hard when you go to events that are pot luck and you just can not possibly know what the caloric content or the weight is of the food you are eating. So this week I did a lot of guesstimating about what I was eating. I also forgot to log my protein shakes on Friday and was wondering why my calorie intake seemed so low. Didn’t figure it out until the end of the day and a bowl of ice-cream with caramel and granola later. Looks like I’m still trending to be under about 3000 calories for the week so I have some head room for the inaccuracy I’m sure that I had logging this week.

Final Thoughts: It was not a great week by any means but it wasn’t horrible either. I just have to focus on my workout/life/eating balance a bit more and figure out what works for me now that I’m close to maintenance. It might take me a bit to get used to this new me but I feel I’m set up with the right tools and information to succeed.