First Time on the Road

Visiting my parents this weekend and I decided to bring the bike with me for a ride. Wasn’t sure where or how far I was going to ride until I got here to figure it out. I decided to make a loop going from Monett to Pierce City and back. Turned out to be a pretty nice ride. It was 16.5 miles total and I felt like it was uphill the entire way. The road to Pierce City didn’t have a shoulder so I was a bit nervous being the first time I have cycled on the road. Once I got through Pierce City and headed south back to HWY 60, it finally had a nice shoulder to ride on. I’ll have to try to ride on the road more often. This time I was just happy I made it back home safe. Get a few more of these under my belt and I might head out with Maribeth and Dylan for a ride.