Weekly Update – 08/06/2017

Weekly Average Weight217.21lbs
Weekly Weight Trend 0.74 lbs
Weekly Average Body Fat % 16.79%
Weekly Body Fat % Trend -0.63%
Total Weight Lost 178.99 lbs

This week was another one up the hill on this rollercoaster I have going. I was back up about .75 lbs this week after a big drop last week. My body fat percentage was down this week though and my BMI stayed steady at 28. I’m still did not log my food this past week. As long ass my overall trend stays below 220 pounds I’m going to continue to not log my food and see how I progress. My trend overall is still in a downward direction so until that changes I’m going to keep going as I have been the last couple of week. I’m also taking strength training and swimming out of my weekly update for now. I am continuing to do my crossfit, cycling and running for the time being. Still hoping to try to complete the I-35 challenge in October. I’ll start seriously training for it in September.

Crossfit: Completed two sessions at the Underground Lab. They have changed up the Fitness Modules the last couple of weeks and they are kicking my ass. They are really challenging me and I know I’m getting both a great cardio and resistance workout every time I attend one of the sessions. My thirty days unlimited is coming to and end this next week but I’m sticking with the UGL because I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people.

Cycling: Rode 34 miles this week. I went out riding Wednesday evening and complete the Shunga-Landon loop. This weekend I went to visit my parents in Monett, MO and decided to take my bike along for the ride. Sunday morning I got up and decided I would cycle to Pierce City then loop back to Monett. I signed up for a pretty cool app that will make a video of the ride called Relive. Check out my Monett-Pierce City loop ride here.

Final Thoughts: Even though this week was a trend upward the overall picture is still down. And my body fat is still dropping also. As long as my weight stays under 220 pounds and my body fat percentage is below 17% I’m very happy. I’m just enjoying what live has to offer in my small body at this point.