Weekly Update – 08/13/2017

Weekly Average Weight215.99 lbs
Weekly Weight Trend -1.22 lbs
Weekly Average Body Fat % 17.13%
Weekly Body Fat % Trend 0.75
Total Weight Lost 180.21 lbs

Big life changes this week. Fortunately they did not cause any problems with my weight loss. I’m still trending down even though I’m not logging my food. I am eating enough to keep me satisfied and still losing weight which is a good thing. I’m not sure I could even eat more food at this point. My stomach got used to the reduction in food awhile back and I was getting more full with less food. I believe it now takes even less food to satisfy me. I would never have guessed two years ago how much food would satisfy me now. I think my brain has finally joined the party in regards to how much food I can eat in one sitting. I’m sure that if I truly want to get into a maintenance mode I’m going to have to decrease my exercise because as it stands, I don’t think I can physically eat back the calories I burn exercising.

Crossfit: I did two crossfit workouts at the Underground Lab this week. The workouts are getting a lot more varied which I’m enjoying. My workout on Thursday did a number on me but I’m sure I’m coming out of them with more endurance and stamina.

Final Thoughts: Still just doing what I’m doing and seeing how it affects my overall fitness. It’s no longer just about my weight. But about my overall fitness level. I believe this is the next step in my fitness evolution. And it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how it all turns out.