Tri-Trail Full: 26.8 miles

Was planning on going out to ride this morning before Shane and I headed out this afternoon to Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun but needed to get some chain oil for my bike because it was pretty annoying on my last ride. I went to the local bike shop to pick some up and decided to look and see what they had available for used road bikes. I was looking at some new ones and quickly realized I would be paying about $600 minimum for a last years model entry road bike. If I wanted to get the next step up I was going to be paying about $800-$1000. I was planning on saving up money this winter and buying a bike in the spring so I could start my triathlon training. But it couldn’t hurt to look right?

The salesman came over and asked me what I was looking for. I told him and what my price range was. He point out that he just had a trade in Trek that would be a great starter bike and was in my price range. It is an 18 speed Trek Alpha 1.2 road bike with aluminum frame and carbon fork. And it was half the price of a 2017 bike that had less gears and no carbon fork. I took it out for a spin and it was heaven. It is over half the weight of my current bike. And it already had the foot cages on the pedals. Even though I was not prepared to buy a bike today, I did. And I don’t regret it one bit.

I took my “new to me” baby out for a ride on all three of the trails here in town. Even without trying I blew just about every previous PR out of the water. The only one I didn’t break (I missed it by 1 second) was one that I remember going all out for on my old bike and was exhausted afterwards. This ride for me was basically my new normal on a road bike. I biked one mile further than my previous record and didn’t it in about 40 minutes less time. I’m super excited now to be riding more often and further distances.I just now need to find me a good local ride riding group so I can join in on longer rides. This is the first step on my ultimate goal of completing an Iron Man by 2020. 

Iron Man Scott. I like the sound of that.