Morning Ride: First Try to Lecompton

No injuries. YEAH! Gravel. BOO!

This morning I went out on a ride hoping to make it all the way from my house to Lecompton, KS. It was a chilly 50 degrees when I started out and I was unsure if I was going to be able to tolerate the cold for the entire ride. After I completed a couple of miles my body started to warm up and I was focused on getting to my destination. As I was heading off the concrete trail and onto the road the Strava segment was called “Path to Gravel”. I was unsure what this meant as I was going off the path but it was paved road and not gravel. After several miles I finally hit the gravel.

I rode the gravel for a bit taking it nice and slow. I eventually hit a very steep downhill and got off my bike and walked to the bottom. With my penchant for injuring myself I was not going to take the chance. I continued on for a bit more and the gravel just got even more soft. Since I’m not accustomed to graveling and was not sure what it would do to my tires, I gave up and turned back around only having make it about 2/3 of the way to Lecompton. I figured it was better safe than sorry this way. I can always do more research on graveling and what if anything I need to do to prepare my bike. I probably will not make it to Lecompton this fall but it’s what I’m shooting for next spring.

Once I made it back on the trail here in town I decided to stick to it and ride it for a while before heading back to my house. Once I got near home I did a few extra detours around the neighborhood since I was so close to hitting the 30 miles mark. This is the longest ride I have completed this year and it’s pretty damn close to my goal of doubling my distance from where I started out in the spring. I feel comfortable doing the trail and road to gravel combo to give me some added distance before it gets too cold to ride this year. I hope that I might be able to find some local riders to learn more from and increase my distance even more in the spring.