Shawnee Lake w/Tinman Circle x2: (15.1 miles)

I learned three things while cycling this weekend on my new bike:

  1. Maneuvering a road bike with razor-thin tires is much different then a mountain bike with oversized tires.
  2. A lot of people don’t know there right from their left.
  3. Crashing hurts.

This weekend I got a couple of bumps and bruises from my new bike. Yesterday while I was out I kept forgetting that my feet where in cages and you have to take them out when you stop. Yeah, that’s right. I fell over twice because I got one foot out but forgot about the other. And when I naturally would right myself by putting down my other foot, OOPS, still in the cage and over I went. Next year I want to look at getting cycling shoes and pedals. Hopefully that will help out with this particular problem.

Where as yesterday I fell over twice while standing still, today I crashed going at a pretty good clip and have the cuts and scrapes to prove it. I was just getting starting riding when I came upon a couple of ladies walking side by side. Now this isn’t usually a problem for me. Start to slow down, announce you are going to pass to their left, and pass them. Well today didn’t quite work out like that.

I slowed down and announced I was passing to their left. Well the lady walking on the inside must have needed a second to figure out what way was her left so she hesitated a bit then made a move to her left before moving back to her right. This was enough to send me off the path. On my old bike going into the grass and back up onto the concrete trail is not a big deal. With my new bike, not so much. I went off the trail and then tried to get back onto it but I didn’t get my wheel turned enough to get back onto it successfully. My tire turned when it caught the lip of the pavement and it sent me falling over. And of course now that my feet are in cages I didn’t get them out in time to catch my fall.

So I’m laying there feeling like a complete idiot and the two ladies are feeling really horrible about me crashing. I got up, looked to see if anything was busted or broke and let them know it was my fault. It was a new bike and I was getting used to riding it. I got up, dusted myself off, fixed the chain that had come off, and went on my way.

Now that I’ve had time to shower and take care of my wounds, my right hand is super sore now. I’m sure I bruised it pretty good. Thank goodness I had gloves and a helmet on. My bike is no worse for wear and I was able to complete two cycles around the lake. Time to take a step back and get to know this bike a bit better before I try to head out and cycle with a group. Don’t want a face plant to me my first impression.