Zwift Virtual Ride – 10.2 miles

This past week I posted about the new bike trainer I purchased from Amazon and my first workout using a video I saw on YouTube. I looked around online for apps/videos that would compliment my indoor riding and came across an article that mentioned a few apps that work on iOS. I have a QuadLock mount on my bike for my phone that also works with my iPad so I have a great setup for using an app while biking. One of the apps that I read about is called Zwift. It is a virtual race app that lets you compete with other bikers on several different courses. This is right up my alley as a complete nerd. I completed a fitness test on Sunday and really enjoyed myself. As I read more about the program I found out that you can connect a smart trainer that will sync resistance to more closely simulate the course you are biking in the app.

I went online and looked at smart trainers. Found one that I liked called the Wahoo Kicker Snap for $600. It is supported by Zwift and was available for interest free financing for 6 months. So I went ahead and purchased it and will be returning the trainer I got last week back to Amazon. I’m very excited about training this winter. I’m shooting to ride at least 3-4 times a week and will be posting my virtual rides on my blog just the same as my outdoor races.