Afternoon Run: 10 miles

Lately I’ve been so busy at work my blogging and my exercise have been lacking. Even my diet has not been the best since before Thanksgiving. I stopped going to the Underground Lab to workout because I wasn’t sure how the Kansas winter weather was going to be and didn’t want to spend money for my membership and not be able to get to the gym as often as I wanted. I rejoined the YMCA here in town to try to keep my workouts up. That has not worked out so well.

The week of Thanksgiving and the following week I worked 110+ hours at work. This leaves very little time to workout. In addition to that we had so much food catered in that I was not eating as well as I have been and logging my food has basically been non-existent. It looks like I have gained about 3-5 pounds over that last 6 weeks and that is something I need to address even before Christmas. I’m taking back control of my eating and exercising and trying to reduce the stress of work as much as I can.

I recently started to get a weekly massage. This coupled with being back at the YMCA to use the sauna and whirlpool has helped some with coping with stress and fatigue. I was able to get a 10 mile run in this weekend which helps me keep in mind that my fitness is still there and to not lose ground. I will be training for my first full marathon in April and I plan on visiting my niece in Washington DC in March to run the Rock and Roll half marathon as a warm up.

It’s time to get my head in the game and get back to the basics that has helped me lose almost 200 pounds. It’s not hard, just takes discipline.

Happy Holidays everyone!