Tomorrow Is my Final Push

Starting stats for my weight loss challenge: 217 pounds, 22 body fat

Sorry it’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog. Things been at a stand still for me since Thanksgiving. My workload at work greatly increased during the holiday season and I didn’t go a great job of making time for things like blogging, logging food, exercise, etc. The last time we chatted I had left the gym I was a part of and joined back to the local YMCA. I mainly did this because the gym is out-of-town and I was not sure how the Kansas weather was going to do and didn’t want to waste a gym membership if I had a hard time making it there. This would not have been so bad if I had at least kept up with my workout locally. Which I did not. Outside of working the freight at work, which is a workout in and of itself, I have only ran a few miles and worked out on my stationary bike trainer a few times.

And I have not been very diligent at logging my food during this time either. Food provided at work and all the sweets and goodies during this time of year just got the better of me. Let’s just say a couple of party sized bag of caramel M&M’s might have been consumed. But I’m not beating myself over this. Considering that i have lost 180 pounds in the last two years, 8 pounds gained was not a big deal. But now it’s time to hit the reset button and get to my final goal of losing 50% of my original starting weight. I have just about 20 pounds left to accomplish that goal.

That is where my 20 pounds in 42 day challenge comes into play. My gym, the UGL, is having a weight loss challenge starting tomorrow which I have signed up for. This is going to be a huge change for me because it comes with an actual food plan. The weight I have lost so far has completely been from calorie restriction but not much else. This plan has a carbohydrate depletion phase, intermittent fasting, and carbohydrate manipulation during the 6 week plan. The first week of carbohydrate depletion will be the most difficult for me just because I have not had to follow a strict food plan so far. So this will be a challenge just to make sure I am following the rules and get the start needed for this plan.

So with that this weekend I jumped back on my Wahoo Kickr along with my Zwift app and completed a new FTP (functional threshold power) analysis. I was able to make significant improvements in my stats from last time. It’s been so cold here recently that I have not been able to run outdoors. I’ve been told that bike riding will help with running but not vice a versa. So I’m hoping that my bike training while its cold will help with my running training for my first full marathon I have signed up for in April. I have also signed up for a half marathon in Washington DC in March as a warm up.

Time to get back into the right mindset and get to my overall goal when I started losing weight over two years ago. Wish me luck.