Completed Garmin Marathon

Accomplished something today that I honestly never thought I would do. I completed a full marathon with a time of 5:26:11.

A year ago I completed my first half marathon at this very race, the Garmin Oz Run. Since then I have been able to complete two more half marathons. My most recent one being the Rock and Roll DC half marathon. My plan was to use that race as a spring-board to my training for the full marathon. But things doing always go to plan.

Between my half in DC and my full in Olathe things changed quite a bit at work. I was no longer the lead for the replenishment team and I was asked to take over the front of store team. While this was a huge surprise to me, the biggest change was in my schedule. For the past several years I have been able to enjoy an early morning schedule. Going in at 5:30 a.m. and getting out around 2:00 p.m. With the new change I started working more mid-shifts.

This change put a whole new spin on my workout and training schedule. I was no lover able to focus my training in the early afternoon. I had to find time before work or much later in the evening. I was not training for my race like I needed too. I wound up running no more than 14 miles before my race and I definitely felt it. My calves tighten up and I had to stretch them several times on the back 13.1 miles. I wound up separating myself from the pace group I started with a little over halfway through and was trying to pace on my own. 

Overall I didn’t do too bad. I didn’t complete in the 5:00 pace group that I started with but any finish the first time is a PR. I’m not sure I am ready for another full anytime soon but I will definitely train better the next time. In the mean time I’ll get a few more half’s under my belt.