Kansas Half Marathon – New PR

This past Sunday I completed the Kansas half marathon in Lawrence, KS. I had such an amazing time running this race. And yes, it is not at all lost on me that I just said I had an amazing time running 13.1 miles. These races are a chance for me to push myself and see how my drive for fitness has developed over time.

My previous attempt in April saw me complete the half in 2:26:20. In that race I ran with the 2:25 pace group and found myself towards the middle of the back by about mile 10. The last few miles were a real slog and I was just happy to have completed the race in under my goal of 2:30.

This race I was not sure if I should run with the 2:15 or the 2:20 group. As I have come to be more competitive the fitter I get I decided to try the faster group. I figured worst case scenario I fell back to the 2:20 group but I would still be tracking for a PR. I definitely made the correct decision.

Amanda my pacer for the group was very helpful with explaining how she was pacing the run. With tips on pace and technique going up and down hills, ect. I was able to stick with her for about 98% of the time. But I always had her in eye sight. After I got to mile 11 and I was still up with her I knew I had this race in the bag. The extra motivation to keep up with her really pushed me to keep my form and push though the sore muscles.

As we came around the last corner and could see the finish line in sight she told me if I had the energy to push it to the finish line. Which I did and completed in a time of 2:14:14. My average pace increased from 11:11 min/mi in April to 10:14 min/mi this attempt. To say I am happy with the result is an understatement. I now look forward to completing my first full marathon in April at the same race I tried my first half. My life has changed in so many ways. And I’m grateful for every day I have now to push myself to be a healthier husband, brother, son, boss, and friend.