Top 20 Best Bayonetta Cosplay That Are Too Good To Be True


Bayonetta is one of those female protagonists that I really admire. She’s strong, intelligent, and fierce. Here are the top 20 best Bayonetta cosplay that are out of this world and crazy good for us.

Best Bayonetta Cosplay

20. Nikole

Although cosplay is more on the promotional side of cosplay, Nikole managed to bring the very soul of Bayonetta in her showcase of their products. A really good cosplay, and damn, looks like I’m gonna be buying those things that I don’t need.

19. Dziro

I’m not the biggest fan of short-haired girls. I like long better, but damn, looking at Dziro’s cosplay? Might as well simp for her almost accurate dominatrix take on Bayonetta.

18. Katy

Katy’s cosplay of Bayonetta is simply…gorgeous. Boy, would you look at her cosplay and admire how incredibly accurate this take is? It’s so good that you might start thinking she’s part of the live-action, which shouldn’t happen in the first place.

17. Mila

At this point, we’re at the mercy of these cosplayers for being incredibly good with their cosplay. For example, Mila’s take on Bayonetta will go down as one of the best we’ve seen this year. Pretty sure we share the same opinion. You don’t want to go wrong with this one coz I’m pretty sure you’re gonna end up dead if you do. Good luck dodging Bayonetta on your own.

16. Panta

Panta’s take on this cosplay is probably the least intimidating, but bloody hell, ain’t she a beauty? Her take is absolutely breathtaking, pretty sure even Keanu Reeves would agree.

15. Zali

A short-haired Bayonetta in a very sexy Chinese style dress. Zali’s cosplay really shows Bayonetta’s assets perfectly and professionally.

14. Xen

A bit more casual and less intimidating Bayonetta, Xen’s cosplay is something you’ll not expect to fit our dominatrix girl.

13. Swift

If you’ve never seen an e-girl Bayonetta, well, Swift has one. This is probably the most casual among all of these cosplayers due to the simplicity of the design, but the vibe is still there.

12. Akiyama

Aki’s cosplay is one of a kind. First, it’s elegant. Second, it’s fancy. Third, it’s incredibly well done, better than your steak. This one takes the spot for the amount of glamour in one go.

11. Hiro

A rather simple take on Bayonetta, but it doesn’t feel like it’s taking less effort on it due to the amount of detail that you can find in this cosplay that’s relevant to the character itself.

10. Perinna

Never seen Bayonetta is a less casual and more revealing outfit? Well, now you can. Perinna’s take on Bayonetta is spot on, and the dominatrix vibe is heavy.

9. Larxene

An ominous aura can be seen from this cosplay, and that aura is about to obliterate your NNN participation due to how hot and cool Larxene’s cosplay is.

8. Lucio

A more tame Bayonetta in a full white dress, except for the gloves. You either marry her, or you plan your funeral.

7. Melon

Melon’s cosplay is pretty simple, yet it’s extremely attractive. I don’t know about you, but I think she just made this cosplay of Bayonetta 200% times better.

6. Miss Yakuza

Miss Yakuza’s cosplay is pretty…much like you’re gonna fail NNN, really. I think none has done it yet, but her cosplay mix between 2B and Bayonetta is something that was very well done, and honestly, we didn’t expect it to be THIS good.

5. Naty

I think this Bayonetta cosplay is one of the less intimidating ones and actually very nice to look at. It’s probably just preference, but this cosplay is very well done with limited effort on which Naty will be shooting.

4. Alikatz

Although the picture quality is pretty bad atm, her cosplay is something that’s really faithful to the character, even the pixels are accurate.

3. Mini

Mini’s cosplay is not only accurate in her display, but she’s also downright staring at you while looking at your soul whether you’re worth saving or you’re supposed to be killed. Pretty much Bayonetta herself.

2. Milky

I would say that Milky’s cosplay perfectly displays Bayonetta in her early years before ascending into being a god-tier waifu.

1. Kami

Kami’s cosplay is godly, and I’m not talking about the Japanese pun I’ve made. It’s about how incredibly well done this cosplay is. I mean, look at her simple display. Nothing too fancy, yet she’s about to step on you.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Bayonetta Cosplay That Are Too Good To Be True.

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