20 Best Black Widow Cosplay That Will Shock You 2021

Black Widow

Black Widow has always been one of the fan favorites, especially during her [SPOILER] sacrifice at the Endgame. It’s always shocking how she manages to survive in all situations that put her to test. She’s not even a mutant or something that actually has powers.

She’s just THAT good. Anyway, since we’re here already, let’s talk about the 20 best Black Widow cosplay that are going to shock you.

Best Black Widow Cosplays

20. Samantha Catalano

Man, this one is really starting off as a really good take with a bad side since we’re going to start the list with Samantha. She did a good job here, showing us the agent we all know and love.

19. Kirstin

Kirstin’s take on Nat is a really good one, especially with the time jumpsuit and the USP (I think) that she’s holding. She’s definitely gonna be throwing bullets in a hyperjump.

18. Mina

What best describes this cosplay for me is the earlier version of Black Widow before she’s even a Black Widow. She kinda looks younger here compared to the matured and battle-hardened look she had.

17. Kat

And now we’re gonna see one of Black Widow’s superhero landing. I’m pretty sure Wade will really be the guy behind taking all the photos he can get. Overall, this cosplay is pretty well-done.

16. Krissi

Here, we have Krissi’s take on Black Widow, as she also has what seems to be the Widow’s Bite, her signature weapon. I couldn’t really see the details, but it looks like she’s everly faithful to the character, so it’s a yes for me.

15. Georgia

Folks, this is what Hawkeye sees when they spar together. This is what we should be aiming for. We all want a cute Agent to beat the crap out of us, right? No? Huh. Anyway, Georgia really shines here, coz damn, she’s managed to give us the Natasha side to her Black Widow character.

14. Rachel King

A bit more on the plus side of things, Rachel gave us a wonderful stare while holding a gun. An unjustifiable act of crime because she did a good job at portraying Nat.

13. Arorea

Arorea’s take on Black Widow gave us the opportunity to see her fashionable action mode when she’s about to kill you. She’s also given us the opportunity to see her favourite electric batons, good for shocking the living crap out of villains.

12. Tjeika

I wouldn’t say this is the best off-duty Nat, but here, we have an off-duty Nat doing her inventory for the next Avengers spin-off, and hopefully, we see her out there. I mean, she’s practically dead in the last movie, so there’s that.

11. Arabella

Honestly, I am not much of a Marvel fan, that’s why I don’t know what type of suit this is, but damn, Arabella’s take on Widow is absolutely gorgeous and fantastic.

10. Shiro Ychigo

When I read more about Nat’s background as a Russian spy, this is what I’ve imagined before she entered The Red Room for her training. As far as I know, her looks almost certainly will look like this.

9. Sara

Sara’s take on Romanoff really is astounding and probably one of the best displays, especially for the costume with the sleekest design ever. I want her to hold a gun for this one, but maybe soon we’ll see one. Overall, it’s really good.

8. Drew

Nothing beats the classic Widow. Drew managed to put this on display, as well as to capture Scarlett’s hairdo during the entire movie’s length. There’s no way that she’ll be able to mirror everything in the movie but in this particular photo? Yes. Hell yes!

7. Michaella Lee

Yet another classic Widow. To be honest, the classic Widow really speaks for itself as it has the charms of seeing your first love over and over again for the first time. Michaella also looks like Sophie Turner here, which is a total plus to me.

6. Sarah

Sarah managed to capture Agent Romanoff here not due to the similarity she had with Scarlett, but due to the comic vibe and the natural beauty she had, which adds so much effect to the photo. Pretty sure you’ll agree with me.

5. Juls

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in Endgame is Nat’s death because of the Soul Stone sacrifice. It’s a total bruh moment for the Avengers, and Juls managed to really put a nasty smile on my face as I admire this beautiful yet tragic take on Widow.

4. LucioleS

Another take on the classics, LucioleS gave us a wonderful and spectacular look on her powerful cosplay on what seems like a cell tower in New York City. That’s just like her in the movie.

3. Nat

Another one for the classic, here we have another entry for what seems like an entry for the monthly calendar of Avengers that I’m pretty sure that I’ll be buying. She did a really good job here. She’s even named after a nickname of hers, coincidence? I think not.

2. Reeka

An incredibly powerful take on BD, now she’s dual-wielding a pistol while providing us a good view of her well-designed outfit. I believe this outfit will appear later in the coming standalone title.

1. Jill

We have here one of the best, if not the best, cosplay of our lovely agent. Jill’s take here is exceptional because she’s really put a high effort on mirroring the time jumpsuit, and it really made an effect in the overall photo. I think what Jill had done here outdid my expectations. Overall, a very well-done cosplay.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our list? We have a lot more coming this year to showcase our love for cosplayers and the genre. Anyway, that is for the 20 Best Black Widow Cosplay. Be sure to check out our other cosplay blogs and our other listicles.

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