Top 20 Best Borderlands Cosplay That You Shouldn’t Miss [2021]

Borderlands 3

The Borderlands game series is one of the best shooters of the past decade. It first came out in 2009 and has then expanded into a trilogy.

The best looter-shooter game in the market can still topple any of its kind, and it’s still going strong, with over 8 million copies sold for the latest installment. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at the best Borderlands cosplay that you should really miss.

Best Borderlands Cosplay

20. Christy

Coming up at the start of this list, we have Christy, cosplaying as Maya. In the second game, this is Maya’s costume, and it’s evident how well done this cosplay is by the accuracy of her display and the faithfulness to the character design. This is undoubtedly one of the best cosplay so far.

19. Valentina

Unlike Maya, Athena, the Gladiator isn’t really highly appreciated; luckily, we got Valentina here, doing her best to give us the best Gladiator in town.

18. Amy

Maya’s a pretty popular character, no wonder a lot of cosplayers are doing their part to showcase her the best, and here, we get to see one of those cosplayers who did it justice.

17. Rex

I’d say this is one of the most overkill cosplays so far; Rex doesn’t play around, just like Tyreen Calypso, when it comes to cosplaying. I don’t know the killing part, though, but I’m pretty sure she killed this one.

16. Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s Moxxi cosplay is unlike anymore, she’s really bringing in the big guns, and I’m pretty sure anyone who crosses her will die immediately, both from her alluring beauty and her skillshots.

15. Raven

I think Raven’s cosplay is very sleek and stylish. It even fits the Destiny 2 sniper and the girl who kinda looks crazy at times, Wraith, from the hit battle royale action shooter, Apex Legends.

14. Ashley

Ashley’s cosplay can be summed as two characters: it’s either a really good Moxxi or a mix between Moxxi and that crazy witch in Alice in Wonderland. Overall, this is an amazing cosplay, as expected of Ashley-sama.

13. Theodora

Theodora’s makeup style really shines well here since we get to see a powerful and intimidating cosplay of Dr. Zed. An awesome take, both on the makeup part as well as the cosplay as well.

12. Rachel

Rachel’s Moxxi cosplay is really stunning, especially with the smoke effect and the light illumination to intensify the already quality cosplay of hers. This is a fairly old shot, but damn, it aged like a fine wine.

11. Toya Jax

A bit more gloomy on the side, Toya Jax’s cosplay doesn’t really look like it’s a cosplay of some sort, this is beyond cosplay as it even looks like it was sculpted by Michaelangelo or something. This is a really professional cosplay, and I’m pretty sure you guys will agree as well.

10. Raquel Lin

And here we got Lady Aurelia Hammerlock from the prequel-sequel and the 3rd game installment. I’m really amazed by this cosplay since both Raquel, and Lady Aurelia herself are two different faces, but still, when you’re a creative cosplayer, you can rock any character.

9. Charly

This is Charly’s display of Gaige. One of the most accurate shots ever; I’m pretty sure she’s really hitting the correct cosplay points by gaige-ing this one neatly and professionally.

8. Lili

Amara is the Siren class that’s playable in the 3rd installment of the series, and damn, Lili gave us quite the treat when she displayed this absolute unit of cosplay. We’re really lucky to see Amara come to life in the form of Lili’s cosplay.

7. chickypuffcosplay

Chickypuff’s cosplay is really straight to the point, and one might say, incredibly alluring. This Mad Moxxi was done with love since you can see how well done this cosplay is. Just like any professional photographers will be dying to shoot for.

6. Lee

The funkiest and most Handsome Jack cosplay I’ve seen, this one takes the cakes simply for being faithful to the character as well as the design accuracy. It’s really satisfying seeing your favorite characters to life, and this is one of those.

5. rbf.cos

Probably one of the most accurate and visually stunning Psycho cosplay so far, rbf really did a good job cosplaying this character, especially with the dark outline that is parallel to the game’s design. It’s like watching a 2D cosplay in 3D

4. Simone

Tyreen Calypso is the villain in the 3rd installment of the game, and looking at Simone’s cosplay, she’s really managed to pull off the impossible by doing what’s possible with a little creativity.

3. Valentina

Another of the Maya cosplay, she’s really a popular character, and no wonder Valentina’s cosplay paved the way for many cosplayers to make Maya shine in the cosplay community. This is really well done.

2. Marian Ashley

Marian’s cosplay of Tiny Tina kinda reminds me of Harley, but in this photo alone, she’s really nailed the Tiny Tina vibe that we’re rooting and looking for. Overall, this cosplay is really well done.

1. fukari_stuff

Fukari’s cosplay is, hands down, one of the best Maya cosplay out there. She really captured the distinct character of Maya in this photo alone, and the editing is so professional, and it’s visually satisfying.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Borderlands Cosplay That You Shouldn’t Miss.

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