Top 20 Best Captain Marvel Cosplay That Are Truly Marvelous [2021]

Captain Marvel

The Endgame ended two years ago, but the Marvel hype is still there. There’s a lot going on with the community, and it’s no wonder why these MCU fans are always on the roll with the new releases.

One of the most notable Avengers is Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. Of course, she’s the symbol of empowerment to most of the fans of the said franchise, and it’s no doubt that she’s done a pretty decent job in the role. Anyway, here are our top picks for the top 20 best Captain Marvel cosplay that will make an MCU fan out of you.

Top 20 Best Captain Marvel Cosplay

20. Kennady

Captain’s off duty from saving the world and the Avengers from Thanos. For now, she’s doing a photo shoot. Kennady’s take on CM is quite professional, and I really like how she’s managed to highlight CM’s beauty.

19. Camille

Something feels off with this Captain Marvel cosplay, yet most of you guys’ eyes can’t avert your gaze from Camille’s cosplay. Well, it’s not like it’s something that you should be looking for hours, but her take on CM is pretty much a very daring one, just like CM has always been.

18. Ikol

With a good mix of shadow and lighting, Ikol’s cosplay stands out a lot, and we can notice a lot of costume details that are being complimented heavily by the way the lighting works. It’s a pretty nice portrayal, and honestly, it’s pretty damn good.

17. Airpotato

Captain Marvel can be a bit punkish when it comes to looks, but that doesn’t mean that punk’s dead, hence the phrase “punk’s not dead.” Airpotato’s looks are really punkish, yet it’s beautiful and fits just well with her.

16. Celico

A pretty casual take on Captain Marvel, Celico’s bath bomb cosplay is just not something you’ll see every day. But hell, even with the “normal” look in the photo, she still managed to deliver that distinguished CM aura.

15. Allico

While it might look like some editing is needed for this one, this take by Allico is really out of the blue and not something you’ll normally see from Captain Marvel. It looks like Captain Marvel was fresh out of a Metallica concert, but just enough to punch villains for breakfast.

14. Anne

Oh, look, Captain Amer–erm, I mean Captain Marvel. Wouldn’t it be cool if Captain Marvel has Cap’s shield? Well, it suits her, especially the design. It’s pretty dope, and Anne’s cosplay just fits perfectly for that marvelous combo.

13. Mixer

Mixer’s take on Captain Marvel will really make you think if Captain Marvel’s the most powerful Avenger. Her cosplay is just something else. I’m pretty sure most of you guys can relate, so I wouldn’t want to elaborate on what makes this one incredibly good.

12. Giada

Giada’s cosplay is really top-notch, and you can see the quality of the editing used in this photo. Just another one of those cosplay that isn’t just good in quality, but also in editing.

11. Kara

With the help of Fassbender Visuals, Kara’s take is dominating everything. Not only does she look gorgeous, but her take on Captain Marvel is just amazing. The editing is on point, and everything else seems perfect as it is.

10. Morgan

Yet another one of Morgan’s cosplay, she’s an absolute beast in this cosplay. Not only did she give this powerful aura, but she’s also managed to capture our hearts with each of her cosplay.

9. KawaiiMayhem

KawaiiMayhem’s cosplay might not be the same as the traditional cosplay of Captain Marvel, but I can tell how much an alternate costume from the base design really suits Captain Marvel, just to make sure she has enough clothes to contain her powers. Kawaii’s take is just perfect for this one.

8. Katline

Katline’s cosplay is not only good, it’s super damn perfect. The way she’s holding the infinity gauntlet and the way the edit looks like is just something that brings the inner fanboy and fangirl in you.

7. Yarpenna

Yarpenna’s simple looks yet drop dead gorgeous portrayal is just something you wouldn’t expect from Captain Marvel. She looks completely different here, and it’s just satisfying to see that she’s more than what a beautiful hero can be.

6. Little Wolf

Another one of those pretty good cosplays that are just straight up god-tier in terms of editing, costume design, and photography. Little Wolf’s cosplay is more than just cosplay. She’s really doing the character justice, and it’s just beautiful.

5. Stacy

At first, Stacy’s take might seem like a normal cosplay, but the way she gives a little emphasis on the smaller details makes this cosplay a little more unique than what we give her credit for.

4. Babs

Bab’s take on Captain Marvel might look plain at first sight, but that’s just because no one needs to overdo a cosplay, so long as you’re confident in portraying who you like to cosplay. In Babs’ case, I almost took her for Brie Larson due to the facial similarities.

3. Samantha

What a truly powerful cosplay. Samatha’s take on Captain Marvel looks a lot like a movie poster rather than a cosplay due to the amount of ridiculously-good editing that made it more spectacular than one could imagine.

2. Cass

Cass’s Captain Marvel is really powerful. The sheer aura of that power resonates with the number of people admiring how beautiful her take is. Cass’s own touch really brings the best out of Captain Marvel, and that’s something we can all agree on, right?

1. Kirstin

Kirstin’s perfect portrayal of Captain Marvel is really, really good. This not only brings an original touch to the character but also makes her cosplay rather unique, compared to most of the cosplayers on the list. Of course, cosplaying is an art, and hers, for me, is one of the best arts I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Captain Marvel Cosplay That Are Truly Marvelous 2021.

Kenneth is a contributor at Near Bear and writes gaming guides and cosplay content.
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