Top 20 Best Chun Li Cosplay That Will Kick You Hard [2021]

Chun Li

Chun-li has been one of the best and the most iconic female fight game characters for the last 20 years. One of the best things about Chun Li is the thigh-high combo that will instantly shred HP of anyone close to her. As an iconic female character, it is up to her to bring anyone that will oppose her fight for justice.

Here are some of the best of the best Chun Li cosplay and why she’s really the best girl in terms of overall appearance and personality.

Top 20 Best Chun Li Cosplay

20. Mic

Boy, am I in love. Mic’s Chun Li cosplay is almost comparable to the original. There are not many things to say because she did a great job of portraying the character with little to no mistakes whatsoever. I think she’s really good at this cosplay and an overall, perfect job.

19. Julianna

I think Juliana’s display on Chun Li is really good. It’s really noticeable, and the perfect posture is there. I’d like to commend how accurate this cosplay looks with the original. The thighs are definitely the star of it.

18. Ruluwu

Ruluwu’s take is somewhat akin to the movie counterpart. It’s a really good cosplay that defines a good movie because the Street Fighter movie ain’t even cringe, to begin with.

17. Satin

Satin’s display of Chun Li is almost as close as it can get to the models in the games. Really, really good, and the amount of effort put into the costumes are incomparable. I’m really amazed.

16. Claudi

A bit more into the casuals, Claudi’s take may not be the ones from the games, but this alternate costume proves that Chun Li is still a top tier girl in terms of overall looks.

15. Aurora Nova

With a good mix of lights and shadows, Aurora’s take on Chun Li is a really good portrayal of what a capable cosplayer she is.

14. Yaya

Yaya’s take is really, really good. The only difference, in this case, is the lighter color of the traditional Chinese dress that Chun Li is wearing is a little bit off. She’s even doing a Hadouken pose, which I don’t really remember Chun Li doing. Overall, it’s a good cosplay.

13. Danielle Vedovelli

The perfect mix of light and shadows, Danielle’s cosplay is really an outstanding take because she knows the techniques to beat the living crap of her enemies and to highlight her character’s assets.

12. Chun Li

One of the more natural cosplay, Chun Li’s take on Chun Li herself, is really good. You’ll even recognize the dedication she has with the character, even having the same name as her. Good job, Chun!

11. Jona Vliem

This is where the fun starts. Jona’s cosplay is really amazing because not only does it showcase Chun Li perfectly, but she also made one of her fighting moves, which is really rare for cosplayers to do.

10. LeneDoes

LenaDoes really have a good chance of squaring off with Chun Li. Her take is intimidating, gorgeous, and powerful. The braces she has on her hands are even scaled correctly for the proper fighting styles. This is how you do cosplay.

9. Tanaka

POV: you tried hitting up on Chun Li during one of her meditation, and now she hits on you back. Congrats, you played yourself. Tanaka’s take on Chun Li is the last thing you’ll see before she kills you with 1-4 combos.

8. Chai Latte

Chai’s take on Chun Li seems effortless and natural. She kinda reminds me of Leia from Star Wars, but in this cosplay, she nailed it diligently.

7. Ewelina Malke

A really good cosplay that doesn’t take so much effort or that she’s made a lot of effort to make it effortless. Overall, Ewelina’s cosplay really amazing and awesome.

6. Kika Yuna

Mixing neon lights with the shadows sure are fun and give off the vibe of a Shanghai night. This is the reason why it’s a good thing that she did a pose here that signifies her professionalism with Chun Li. A really good take, and I’m really down with it.

5. May

May’s take is absolutely insane. This is one of those rare instances where the model, sometimes, is better than the original. Although, in this case, it’s really all about the 3D aspect of it, now imagine if Chun Li is a real-life person, and this is how she looks? A lot of male fighters will be down for it. I mean, literally.

4. Sponji

Our beloved tsundere waifu is back with another fire cosplay, this time around, she’s doing a Chun Li cosplay, and boy oh boy, do I ever feel like simping. This very well-made cosplay is a really good portrayal of characters we barely see chilling.

3. Eel

A really stunning attempt at Chun Li that doesn’t suck, Eel’s powerful and beautiful cosplay will definitely rip through the hearts of many FGC gamers.

2. Isabella

Isabella’s polished and amazing take on Chun Li is the reason why listicles such as this one exists. Showcasing the character, even if it’s just the face of it, is an absolute beast on our list. Her makeup is on point and the costume is definitely up the top.

1. Yami

Yami’s crazy beautiful take on Chun Li is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. One of the good things about doing cosplay is that, no matter how to wing it, it always boils down on how good you are at displaying the character. And this is one of those times where perfection reached its maximum.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Chun Li Cosplay That Will Kick You Hard.

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