20 Best Deku Cosplay That Are Too Real 2020

Deku Cosplay

Ah yes, Boku no Hero Academia. One of the few shounen anime that didn’t disappoint. It’s actually very good, even as a Hunter x Hunter fan like me. When it comes to battle animations and sequencing, it’s fair to say that BNHA will top Boruto or any shounen anime by a large margin.

So, for this article, we’ll be getting into the 20 best Deku cosplays that are too real. And for you turbo weeabs out there, this isn’t categorized according to my bias; it’s randomly ordered.

Best Deku Cosplays

20. Cailyn/Cali ケイリン𓆏

Coming in first in this list, we have Cali’s cosplay of civilian/highschool Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. Like damn, how’d you look like that, Deku? The outfit fits the bill and one of the reasons why Deku here will be a total bombshell if he’s ever a girl.

19. Alice Loneunicorn

Yet another Deku cosplay, this time around, Alice’s portrayal of him comes with a hood, Izuku’s signature outfit, Costume Gamma, the second upgrade to his costume since he tends to rip them to shreds whenever he goes ape mode.

Overall, Alice carried this whole costume very well, especially using the photoshopped background to add charisma to the already pro take on the character.

18. Jen (and friends) 😆

Jen’s take on Izuku here changes the environment into a bit more clear and less violent than the previous one, but we can see the overall body of Deku, detailing most of his items except for the Iron Armor Soles

17. Dani

A barely equipped Deku wearing a USJ Rescue Training costume was properly portrayed here by Dani. Her use of both photoshop to display his powers and the superhero landing pose adds up to the already charismatic take on our favorite green-haired protagonist.

16. Paya

Paya’s display of Izuku here is well-done. Kinda like a generic high school romance/slice of life. We get to see her (the cosplayer) with another cosplayer, which is also portraying another character, Ochaco from the same anime. It’s kinda funny seeing Deku in his superhero costume while Ochaco is in her shopping getup.

15. Mana

I think Mana’s display here is extremely well-done. Yeah, I know, there are no effects whatsoever, but the fact that he managed to display all of Deku’s loadout in the pic is saying something. A few edits, and this will be golden.

14. ғᴀʏ

Fay’s take on Izuku, hella dope. Damn, look at Izuku being a total gigachad just by sitting on an iron railing. Honestly, give it a few more seasons, and Deku will be more than just a gigachad here. In all seriousness, this take, in my opinion, is flawless and managed to deliver a lot of Izuku’s arsenal of support items in one good shot.

13. Cheese

The e-girl Deku we’ve been waiting for. Cheese’s take of Deku is probably the most accurate gender-bent version of him. The hair kinda reminds me of Tatsumaki from One Punch Man.

12. DehCurlz

The first male cosplayer on this list, DehCurlz, managed to curl his way up in this article simply for looking like the older version of Deku. Also, I noticed that this version of his cosplay is slightly lighter than the rest of the other remaining ones here.

11. Hirotonyaa

One of the most dangerous combos, Hirotonyaa’s cosplay together with an Eri cosplayer, really puts a smile on my face since these two people are entirely on a different level, especially their cosplay. The ground is cracking up, and the lightning shocks are a powerful combination.

10. Remy Domino

When you stop playing the good boy and instead of smashing enemies, you smash everyone. Not that kind of smash you’re thinking of. Remy’s cosplay is an alternate take on our goodie ol’ boy, Deku. Mom’s not gonna be proud of you, boy.

9. || adrian || he/him

Yet another bad boy Izuku, this time around though, Adrian’s a bit more into emo and pop-punk. I don’t know if I’m gonna be amazed or anything, but one thing is for sure, this is the e-boy version of Deku that a lot of girls have been dreaming of, especially the nasty fujoshis.

8. Tessa | Babey | 🍞|

Tessa’s take on Deku whilst on a building’s rooftop is really awesome and terrifying. I’m not really afraid of heights or anything, but where she’s standing on is a bit dangerous. But if you’re playing as Deku, what are you even gonna be afraid of, right?

7. 💢OhMySophi

One of my favorite cosplays that don’t take everything into account because it went PLUS ULTRA into cosplaying. The burnt left arm, the dirty costume, and battle-weary looks make this shot a perfect display of Deku’s unyielding soul.

6. KendelB

Alright, hold your horses. Kendel’sgender-bending take here is exceptional for two reasons: 1.) the outfit is quite fitting to her style of cosplay, 2.) she managed to put an emphasis on the character, even on a gender-bent version. The only thing I REALLY noticed is that she missed the hood. Overall, it’s a good take.

5. Rolyat

Rolyat’s take is a bit more on the simplistic style of cosplay, which heavily relies on the cosplayer’s ability to portray the character without so many props but going for the looks and pose alone. This is one good example of such a display.

4. Sammyscosplay

Sammy’s take here is incredible because it almost matches Deku’s version before he made an upgrade both on the gloves, boots, and the iron face mask. I think it would be better to go for the Gamma version. Nonetheless, this is a good take on his side.

3. Lucis

Okay, I think this one solidifies Deku’s reliance on his mom. This is the Deku look we’re missing for the past 86 episodes. He also looks tame here, so congrats Lucis! Cute display!

2. Zen

Alright, I think this one is on the top of the brass for now. Zen portrayed Deku going PLUS ULTRA because most of the cosplayers here didn’t do. Of course, this is an incredibly revealing look, nevertheless, Zen was able to pull the look and give us the best body build that Deku is buffing up for the past 4 seasons.

1. Majka

I wouldn’t say this is the best cosplay of Deku, since I ordered this one randomly, but when going for the looks that he gives from the anime, this one closely (again, in my opinion) resembles what I thought he would look like in real life. Again, this isn’t the best, since being the best is subjective.

Nonetheless, I was just honestly impressed by the simplicity of this cosplay, and Majka take is something that’s gonna is on my mind for quite some time.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay list? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the 20 Best Deku Cosplay.

Kenneth is a contributor at Near Bear and writes gaming guides and cosplay content.
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