Top 20 Best Demon Slayer Cosplay That Slays [2021]

Demon Slayer

One of the hottest releases of 2019, Demon Slayer quickly rose to popularity due to its unique and stylish animation. It’s also generally well-regarded by the community due to its memorable narrative and compelling storytelling. And so, we’ve compiled the best of the Demon Slayer cosplay that will slay your cravings for the best cosplay.

Best Demon Slayer Cosplay

20. Rafa

Inosuke, the boar-head-wielding swordsman and pretty much every girl’s dream in a lot of Facebook pages, has been cosplayed by Rafa, and damn, bro, he’s really managed to pull off the looks and the body. He’s on point with the character, and he’s pretty much an overkill due to how good his cosplay is.

19. Yuka

Shinobu’s lovely character and beautiful personality won the hearts of many, especially of how kind and caring she is. Yuka’s take on Shinobu is no less of a portrayal of her since she’s managed to give Shinobu the looks that we want to see in real life.

18. Sakurai

Muzan is one of the primary antagonists of the series, and this Michael Jackson-looking guy was cosplayed by Sakurai in a different manner, making his character a bit tamer but with more menacing secrets to uncover.

17. Alexandra

A pretty good portrayal of Tanjiro, Alexandra’s take is a low-cost one and can pretty much be imitated by anyone else with the right budget, but I think what makes this cosplay good is the design and details on Tanjiro’s scars, which makes it an accurate portrayal of his character.

16. Coffairy and Fairycat

An absolute pair in the Corps, Iguro and Matsuri are very well displayed by both Coffairy and Fairycat in this couple shot that makes them look like protagonists from another rom-com anime. Their costume is pretty spot-on, and there’s a lot of angles that make them cute in this shot.

15. Wiru

Wiru’s cosplay is just like Tanjiro in the anime, except this time around, he’s more mature, hotter, and hot damn, he’s pretty handsome. I’m sure all the Tanjiro stans finna get crazy once they see how incredibly good Wiru’s portrayal is.

14. Gentleman BMO

Pretty much just like the name, GentlemanBMO’s Rengoku cosplay is god-tier. Not only does he embody Rengoku’s looks, his aura and appeal are just too much to handle. He’s pretty much as charming as he is in the anime.

13. CosplaySekai

You might as well skip this if you’re scrolling in public, CosplaySekai’s cosplay of Mitsuri is really something, and I’ll admit I looked a little longer to admire her innate beauty.

12. Julianna

Quite a mix of modern-day cosplay and a little bit of professional makeup and voila! A promenade queen Mitsuri, Julianna’s excellent cosplay brings the destructed power of her beauty and style…just like Mitsuri in the show.

11. Kisa

A simple yet stunning display of the pink-haired bishojou, Kisa’s Mitsuri’s quite like Julianna’s entry, but this time around, she’s picked a little trick from the TikTok sad girls and managed to cop the best possible hairstyle for all the e-girls of 2020.

10. Yuno

Yet another Mitsuri cosplay that’s a mix between either Sailor Moon, Magical Girl, and Demon Slayer with the hottest 2020 fashion. This take by Yuno is not only amazing, but it’s also really, really cute.

9. Maria

Maria’s take on Mitsuri is yet another hip and modern take on the character. What’s interesting is that every time there’s Mitsuri or any kind of Demon Slayer cosplay mixed with our fashion, it always works so well.

8. Katie

Another sweet Mitsuri cosplay was made by Katie. Her take is amazing, and the katana she’s wielding feels real and deadly. It’s pretty much just like any other character, except hers is a bit better than most.

7. Erin

Shinobu, the cutie of the Demon Slaying corpse, and I’m not joking about the corpse part, is reimagined and displayed better through Erina’s cosplay. She’s overkill for Shinobu’s character.

6. Nero

Remember Nezuko’s protector? Zenitsu’s a highschool boy now after finishing the entire arc. Nero’s cosplay is an absolute beast since he managed to bring down Zenitsu into a mere shota.

5. Marta

Mitsuri’s a beloved character with some interesting features that will keep your eyes peeled for her. Marta managed to bring Mitsuri’s personality and character into life with a lot of effort that’s pretty much worth it since she’s topping the trending page for her amazing take.

4. Sam

Sam’s Enmu cosplay isn’t just cute and well-designed, he’s also managed to bring the stature and emotions of the character pretty well, bringing in an enigmatic look to the character he’s displaying.

3. Kyatorin

Kyatorin’s display of Nezuko can be a bit too mature for Nezuko’s age, but that doesn’t stop her from portraying our muffled princess with such an amazing take.

2. CJ

CJ’s take on Nezuko is a pretty hip and modern take on the DS protagonists. Her looks and his brothers pretty much speak for the exaggerated swagger of a 2020 teen.

1. Honey

Honey’s Tanjiro cosplay might be too bright for you, but the amount of overall facial details he displayed is comparable to how detailed Tanjiro looks in the anime. He’s done Tanjiro’s cosplay pretty well.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Demon Slayer Cosplay That Slays 2020.

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