Top 20 Best Demon Slayer Nezuko Cosplay 2021

Demon Slayer Nezuko

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been around since last year. It’s probably one of the best animations of the decade, and has down one of the most adorable characters, Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister.

She’s an adorable little demon that has bamboo as a mouthpiece, but hell, she’s just too good and too cute for the violent show. And speaking of Nezuko, here are the best Nezuko cosplay out there.

Best Demon Slayer Nezuko Cosplay

20. Ays

Fair skin, check. Demon eyes, check. Bamboo mouthpiece, check. The perfect height, check. Damn, who would’ve thought that we’ll get a good Nezuko so early on the list. She’s literally Nezuko!

19. Meika

Yet another good Nezuko cosplay. Honestly, it’ll be a hard choice for me to put everyone at the top. Let’s just say the numbers don’t exist. They’re all equally amazing.

18. Nami

This one is a very comfortable Nezuko. The vibe is less intense compared to the previous two. The make-up is on-point, the only thing that bothers me is probably the bamboo mouthpiece. It looks like a linoleum roll.

17. 김정훈

I don’t speak Korean, but Kim Jong Hoon’s cosplay is too good to be true. She’s a bit whiter than the previous ones, but that’s because she’s probably angry right now. Better not provoke her.

16. Kyra

For me, this one’s a bit different. Although it does showcase Nezuko’s overall physique, it’s important to be faithful to the character design, which she did flawlessly, except for the mouthpiece. That’s why cosplayers are doing when cosplaying 2b. Speaking of 2b, best sure to check out our 20 Best 2b Cosplays!

15. Naomi Moon

Andddd we’re back to a regular schedule. Naomi did a wonderful job by not removing her mouthpiece WHILE giving us a cute Nezuko “rawr” pose. Kawaii!!

14. Soe Cosplay

One of the rare instances where Nezuko would be in-between half-asleep and half-awake, but full time good-looking. The use of the trees represents the forest scene vibes. This one is taking some of the cake for good environment portrayal.

13. MiU Cos

One of the more mature versions of Nezuko, especially with the sprouting devil horns coming out of her forehead. This one did extremely well, in my opinion, solely because of the demon horns, highlighting Nezuko’s origin.

12. Ji-nie

One of the “scary” Nezuko poses that doesn’t scare me at all. In fact, this pose alone proves that Nezuko is a top-tier character. Look at how cute that character is!

11. crêpe !

Auracosplay’s portrayal of Nezuko can be a bit intimidating as it looks like Nezuko here is about to pounce at you at any given time. Kinda scary, since she doesn’t exude any features of being a kid at all.

10. Riiyuukii

Well, intimidating aside, here we see a more “tamed” version of Nezuko being done extremely well by Riiyuukii. Honestly, I prefer the angry Nezuko, but this one is top-notch for bringing in the benevolent side of her..

9. Mon夢

I think that goes the same for Mon夢 for her excellent portrayal of Nezuko. A bit “mature”, in my opinion, but don’t lewd the demon child!

8. 夏諾

I’d say this one’s a bit more faithful to the character, especially with the addition of all the Japanese-related items like her box, the lantern, the origami, the umbrella, and many others resembling the Japanese culture in general.

7. Rithe 莉提

Rithe’s cosplay honestly gave me a scare for how good she looks for simply opening a door photoshoot. It’s scary how good she can be when it comes to cosplay as if it’s natural.

6. おってぃん(ottjin)

Tanjiro’s addition in this cosplay solidifies the relationship between Nezuko and her brother, which was portrayed several times in the anime. This alone proves that these cosplayers have done a good job of depicting their characters. 10/10!

5. ShiroKitsune

“Onii-chan, where’s the food?” is the one thing that pops to my head whenever I think about this picture. It’s funny enough to see that Nezuko would still look like this and be a top-tier cosplay simply for exuding the “I’m hungry” mood.

4. Hidori Rose

A bit more on the mature side of Nezuko, I believe this is what she’ll look like if she’s aging as a human over the span of a few years. But since she’s a demon, I don’t think we’ll get to see Nezuko like this in 2000 years or more.

3. Loli_samurai

I cannot help but think that Nezuko’s portrayal here looks like she’s been transported to 2019 for a day and decided to take their fashion, creating a neo-Edo style combined with her traditional kimono. I’m probably delusional for this, but the long socks really hit the spot for such an amazing display. Not to mention it’s taken with the snow effect, which makes up for a dramatic shot.

2. 桜桃喵

Cherry Neko’s portrayal of Nezuko is simple, yet stunning enough as you can see in her eyes how innocent she is, yet emanating a powerful aura that shines together with the effect of the moonlight.

1. えなこ(Enako)

I think this one hits the correct spot for me, especially for the display of both weakness and power. This is a good balance and character design that signifies Nezuko’s innocence and vengeful spirit that doesn’t show much in this photo, but given the circumstances, she’ll immediately kill you for so much as touching Tanjiro’s hair. For me, this is one of the top-notch cosplay, and probably one that fits the bill for being Nezuko’s look-a-like.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the 20 Best Demon Slayer Nezuko Cosplays That Are Just Damn Amazing.

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