Top 20 Best Destiny 2 Hunter Class Cosplay in 2021

Destiny 2 Hunter

Destiny 2 was released 3 years ago by Bungie. Over the course of the 3 years, we’ve seen several expansions and many other aspects of the games that changed and rebalanced, but one thing that remained is the signature stater class, the Hunter. Today, we’re gonna be looking at the 20 Best Destiny 2 Hunter Class Cosplay.

Best Destiny 2 Hunter Class Cosplay

20. Kirstin

First, on the list, we have Kirstin cosplaying as a female Hunter. Her armor and weapon look like she’s been grinding on both the Osiris and Forsaken Expansion. One of the well-polished cosplay so far, and we’re not even in the middle of the cosplay.

19. Crafts of Two

CoT’s cosplay is, of course, our first entry of Cayde 6, one of the best-known Hunters in the game. And yes, we’re digging the house Cayde. Feels like home when you’re about to hit the docks soon enough.

18. Violet Fox

A bit more simplistic with regards to the costume design, Violet’s overall stance and knife proves well that she can bring down legions of Cabal and the Fallen rather easily.

17. Brandon M. Willis

Damn, this resembles my old setup when I was just a newbie on Earth, and quite like Brandon, you should always have your eyes up (even though he’s sort of looking down). The character design is on point, and the badass pose gives off so much edgy aura.

16. Lauren Moolman

One of the cleanest Hunter looks, white really fits so well with someone who is a Hunter. One of the few perks of being one is you get to wear both a hood and a cape.

15. Lola Urebes

If you think this is a Titan costume, think again. Lola’s display of one of the many different stylish outfits of Hunter classes really stands out here. He looks like a Stormtrooper who won’t miss any shots.

14. Lucas Vaden

I think when it comes to minimalist and simplistic designs, this one is my favorite. The rifle and the set armor really speaks volumes, especially if you’re on guard duty.

13. Fai

Yet another display of Cayde 6, this time around, he’s managed to get out of his home, away from the cleaning duty and now on the loitering scene.

12. Kelly

One of the variations of a Hunter, Kelly made it seem like being cool is a casual thing for Hunters (which is true, btw), especially with the mixture of the white hood, the simple armor set, and the Anti-Extinction Mask, which is a cool addition.

11. Marino

Let’s just say that I love how incredibly fit this set is. The background is red, which matches the general vibe of this fiery cosplay. Overall, I love this set. That’s what I can say.

10. Liz and Lou

Cayde, what are you lookin’ at? Well, for me, it’s you. Damn, how did you manage to make such a good cosplay out of Cayde? Well, the secret is patience and photoshop.

9. Atlas

A bit more into the charismatic side, Cayde 6’s portrayal is a bit less of him but more of the cosplayer’s personalized entry of him. I think I like the latter a bit more than the previous ones.

8. Kat Valkyrie

Fellas, this is EXACTLY my set when I first got my rare set. Especially the bow, because I’m a fan of bows, that’s what I’ve been using in the game for at least 600 hours since I got one.

7. Qis

Qis’ cosplay is an absolute Chad of its own. Of course, Hunters have always been the kings of melee and range, so you can’t deny that this one cosplay could qualify as both a Titan and Hunter if that matters.

6. Cosplay of GG

Here, we’re seeing a cowboyish Cayde 6, probably drained after being stuck in a time loop. I think this one best captures Cayde’s bounty hunter side, so yeah, here’s your top spot for Cayde.

5. Cam

I think Cam doesn’t need me to describe how cool this photo is. It speaks for itself. And that’s why we’re Hunters.

4. Steel Wolf

One of the few things I like about the Hunter class is that whenever I want to switch Arcstrider, I always feel like I’m a sith lord of some sort. This is what I usually look like.

3. Shinobi

Give my king some love, bros. This one is the Hunter’s subclass, the Nightstalker, which our guy here perfectly captured the vibe.

2. Sepulchrie

One of the few Uldren cosplays I’ve seen in a while. “Dude, why is Uldren in here?” you asked? He’s a hunter, mate. Deal with it.

1. Valyeur

Is it Repear? Is it Hunter? Who knows? That’s the essence of being a Hunter, and that’s exactly what you see right now. Valyeur’s vague cosplay will confuse everyone, but I’m pretty sure it’s Hunter. And if I’m correct, well, damn… LOOK AT THE SLICK OUTFIT, MAN. That’s how you wear your character. I mean, for me at least. Don’t crucify me.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay list? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the 20 Best Destiny 2 Hunter Class Cosplay.

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