Top 20 Best Hinata Cosplay That Will Make You Wish You’re Naruto


Hinata is literally the best girl in all of Narutoverse. We can all agree that Sakura, even though she’s a pink-haired beauty, she’s useless as hell.

Many times Sakura rejected our boy, Naruto, that’s why we’ve decided to feature the top 20 best Hinata cosplay that will surely satisfy your fangirling or fanboying needs. And will definitely make you wish you’re Naruto.

Best Hinata Cosplay

20. Sarah

At the top of this list, we have Sarah. What an absolute start for this list as we can see Sarah’s take on Hinata with a casual tone and a slice of teenage vibe to it because of the casual hoodie, which she often wore during the Shippuden series.

19. Vell Felice

Gothic, edgy, and beautiful. Vell Felice’s cosplay is honestly one of the best goth Hinata so far, and that’s not because she’s wearing black, oh no. That’s because of the general vibe that’s emanating from this photo alone that we get to see this professional beauty, thanks to her creative look.

18. Tifa

This Hinata cosplay is probably the most familiar to all of us Naruto fans of the last decade. This has been Hinata’s attire the entire Shippuden season, and yeah, she’s beautiful.

17. Julia

Now, we’re getting into the e-girl sphere, Julia’s cosplay is by far one of the most alluring ones in terms of the outfit. You can clearly say that she loves anime to the core by the background posters you can see in this photo.

16. Nadih

Easily one of the most recognizable cosplay so far, Nadih even put a Hinata png file on the lower left part of the photo as a reference to her perfect cosplay of our best girl.

15. Cookie

Cookie’s cosplay is one of Hinata’s looks during the Pain arc, which can be observed well because of the inclusion of the photo edit of Hinata’s Gentle Fist Jutsu, which she used against Pain’s clones.

14. Shellanin

Shellanin’s Hinata cosplay might not look like Hinata at first, but her cosplay is really good, considering that she even wore or rather borrowed Naruto’s Shippuden costume for this one. It goes to show Hinata and Naruto’s dynamic as a couple.

13. Chibi

A Christmas cosplay looks more fitting with Hinata’s personality. Chibi’s portrayal is something akin to a gift, especially if you’re Naruto. The natural look plus the modern Santa clothes gives off a little bit of fanservice, especially for the Naruto x Hinata fans.

12. Rayana

So far, Rayana’s take is more of a modern-casual Hinata as we can see through the photo and her costume; she made Hinata appeal more to modern cosplayers by making casual outfits more fun to use for Hinata.

11. Kelly

Kelly’s take on Hinata is a bit more on the plus side of confidence as we can see Hinata’s beautiful smile through the lips of our wonderful cosplayer. A really good cosplay, one might say.

10. Iela

A fierce, yet tamed look of Hinata, Iela’s cosplay is the perfect representation of Hinata’s beauty and fierceness, both in the household and the battlefield, a fitting take indeed.

9. Yukimura

Now, this might not look like Hinata at first, but we get to see a more serene depiction of Hinata, thanks to Yukimura’s artful display. It’s a good thing there are a lot of cosplayers out there that take effort when it comes to their characters’ looks.

8. Riss

Riss’ cosplay is one of those you’ll get to see a lot on the internet as featured photos. This take is absolutely gorgeous, especially with the minor editing and the proper lighting.

7. Ays

Ays’ cosplay is one of the pretty casual Hinata, in which she’s both pretty gorgeous, pretty casual, and absolutely breathtaking. From her ays, you can see that she’s really made an effort to make this cosplay glow up, just like Hinata herself.

6. Cass

A rather exotic take, Cass’ cosplay is one of the best and one of the most alluring Hinata cosplay so far. I’m pretty sure you’ve read the title, and this applies here.

5. Xenara

An action pose of Hinata; this alternate take on Hinata with a different costume highlights Hinata’s overall figure and design while maintaining faithfulness to the character.

4. Kiko

Kiko’s cosplay is one of the more “bed look” Hinata, and honestly, it’s really good. We’re not really complaining or anything.

3. Meraki

Meraki’s cosplay reminds me heavily of an episode where Hinata’s about to confess to Naruto, but something happened, so she couldn’t. Anyway, this is really a good take.

2. Amestris

A battle-ready Hinata, Amestris’s take is one of the most faithful to the character designs we’ve seen so far. Honestly, this is a professional take on Hinata, and I’m glad this exists. Thanks, Amestris!

1. Juliana

Quite a mix of modern take, especially on how the Naruto universe works, this cosplay by Juliana is pretty much a mix between the goth style of 2012 and the e-girl fashion of 2020, which has its own unique vibe into it.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Hinata Cosplay That Will Make You Wish You’re Naruto.

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