Top 20 Best Jessica Rabbit Cosplay To Spice Up Your 2021

Jessica Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of those movies that’s awfully familiar with the people in the 90s and 2000s, but no one is really that acquainted with Roger Rabbit himself. One of the most iconic characters in the movie isn’t Roger, but the lead female, Jessica Rabbit.

It’s been over 30 years since the movie premiered, but Jessica Rabbit remains one of the most famous characters in the animation and movie industry. And so we’ve compiled the 20 best Jessica Rabbit cosplay that you’ll surely fall in love with.

Top 20 Best Jessica Rabbit Cosplay

20. Keira

For such a small traction, this photo really emanates the symbolic figure of Jessica. Keira’s portrayal is nothing less than a professional cosplay. She’s really nailing this one, and it shows on the way she’s effortlessly doing her cosplay a good job.

19. Ribbon

Christmas might’ve been over already, but this cosplay by peppered up is something that you need to see to start your new year right. Pretty much on the naughty list of nice people by Santa, we’ve been blessed by this beautiful photo.

18. Canis

Yet another top tier cosplay by Canis. This seemingly blurry photo resembles a lot of the 80s vibe, not to mention how her figure really looks similar to the movie, Canis’ take is something that’s really surprising to see, especially for someone cosplaying Jessica.

17. Julia

Now, we’re getting into the e-girl sphere, Julia’s cosplay is by far one of the most alluring ones in terms of the outfit. You can clearly say that she loves anime to the core by the background posters you can see in this photo.

16. Cassidy

Cassidy’s is one of those underrated cosplays that you won’t see everywhere unless you dig through the trends. Her portrayal is amazing and on point. It’s pretty much a revival of Jessica.

15. Hannah

With t5’s photography skills and Hannah’s professionalism, this portrayal of Jessica Rabbit really makes you think that the IRL version is better. For me, it’s definitely this one.

14. daddy’s little monster

Daddyslittlemonster really brought a monstrous cosplay with her terrific skills. This long-look Jessica Rabbit is something else, and it’s quite inviting. Care to take her for a drink or two?

13. Kerry

A more revealing and daring look, Kerry’s professionalism really brings the character back to life, especially in her portrayal of Jessica here. It’s pretty much what most people see her.

12. thatawkwardcosplayer

Not so awkward for a cosplay, her display of Jessica Rabbit here is nothing short of an incredible portrayal of the character. She slays this part, even if she thinks she’s a mess.

11. Jill

A beauty that will make you drop your hearts out, Jill’s cosplay not only highlights Jessica’s assets but as well as her own.

10. Anastasia

Quite a balladeer she is, Anastasia’s wonderful cosplay is really admirable due to her being wary of the small details that surrounds Ms. Rabbit. A wonderful take on Jessica, especially her night performance.

9. Cassandra

Don’t you love the Christmas vibe even though it’s over? Cassandra’s cosplay will make your winter season a little bit hotter than your regular fireplace. It’s pretty much what we love about Jessica, and Cassandra gave us a Christmas gift.

8. Ana

More vibrant than your regular, night-time look, this Jessica Rabbit display is still beautiful. It might emanate a different vibe, but still, Ana brought justice to the character with her amazing cosplay.

7. Haley

It might be a little too red for you, but Haley’s take is still Jessica Rabbit, albeit a little bit too much on the makeup part. But that’s the point. Jessica Rabbit wears a lot of them, and she looks absolutely beautiful, just like Haley’s.

6. Carley

Carley’s take is rather tame compared to most of the cosplayers here. However, this doesn’t stop her from giving Jessica the best looks in this winter wonder shot that she has for us to see.

5. Candice

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not Jessica Rabbit, that’s someone else!”. Nah, bro. Candice’s portrayal might not be as close as to what you remember Jessica looks like, but still, this quite daring pose is something that only Jessica can pull off.

4. Chloe

The atmosphere, the cosplay, the design, and the looks. Chloe’s cosplay is really something else. Her wondrous take on Jessica is worth remembering, especially with how it looks like a modern art.

3. Anne

Quite a close up look, Anne’s incredibly satisfying cosplay of Jessica is something you simps will be saving on your phone. Her makeup is awesome, and the way she looks menacingly sexy is something else that only boys can feel.

2. Ashley

Ashley’s god-tier cosplay is on display, and she doesn’t play around with the way she posed and cosplayed Jessica. You might even question yourself if the IRL version could replace the movie one. The answer will be yes for me.

1. Kalinka

Yet another entry from Kalinka. She’s one of those cosplayers if you’ve been following our posts so far, that appeared a lot in these blog posts. Nothing can really top the way she’s portraying a lot of characters. She’s just an absolute goddess every time she does her stuff.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Jessica Rabbit Cosplay That Will Spice Up Your 2021.

Kenneth is a contributor at Near Bear and writes gaming guides and cosplay content.
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