Top 20 Best Kill la Kill Cosplay Just Like The Original 2021

Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill is one of the top running anime back in 2014. Its incredibly good animation and story complexity will put you on the edge of your seat while rooting for the best waifus to come around. Anyway, we’ll be talking primarily with the Top 20 Best Kill la Kill Cosplay That Are Just Like The Original Anime.

Best Kill la Kill Cosplay

20. Daniella Claire

First on our list is Daniella Claire. With over 7000 likes, her photoshoot speaks for itself as this is the type of cosplay you’ll normally see in conventions that were really put meticulously together. Mere words can describe how incredibly satisfying this cosplay is. So props to Danielle for her absolute display of Ryuko.

19. Sakushi

Yet another Ryuko cosplay that doesn’t disappoint. Her appeal here is far more stretched, I think. It’s also one of the few cosplays that I think will be good enough for me to actually settle for. Her innocent look here really stands out so much.

18. Uzi

I’m actually surprised by this cosplay since, at first glance, this will look like a 3D-rendered model more than a natural one. Uzi displayed Ryuko very well, and I’m glad that she’s managed to give her a dollish look, which isn’t remotely dull, as some would say. Her top-notch cosplay speaks for herself. It has a cute vibe too, so there’s that.

17. Aara Lee

Aara’s Nonon cosplay is incredibly satisfying, especially when she mixes the elements of class, finesse, and beauty, all in one package. For me, this is one of the top-rated Nonon, and I wouldn’t take any kind of criticism.

16. CC Viper

Yet another Ryuko cosplay, this time around, it’s Viper. Man, I wouldn’t take it any other way. This is what I think Ryuko would’ve been if the series continues.

The colors, for instance, might be a little different from most of the cosplay here, but the fact that it still stands out, especially when she used a traditional Japanese background, it’s satisfying and a good contrast of traditional and modern Japan.

15. Kulotski Di

Kulotski Di’s absolute display of confidence here really goes parallel with Satsuki, as she’s able to not only present Satsuki’s finesse and overall capability to make her impression, but she’s also managed to display the commanding aura that Satsuki holds in this one-shot photoshoot.

14. Tyrell

Tyrell’s cosplay is an alluring take on the character Satsuki. Compared to the previous entry, this one’s just outright on the borders of anime and real life. She managed to capture the feel and look of Satsuki-san in this powerful display of class and fierceness.

13. Tiki

Tiki’s take on a Ryuko is a bit more comfortable and easier to do. Since this cosplay revolves mainly on the use of the home, it’s becoming easier for cosplayers like Tiki to dominate the platform, even with minimal effort.

Tiki did a job well-done here. Even if the photoshoot isn’t professional, it still managed to capture the feel of what it’s like to be Ryuko.

12. I Like Bad Guys

I like to think that ILBB’s cosplay is something more than just cosplay, but it actually IS MORE THAN a cosplay. This type of cosplay is really good, especially since it’s showcasing Satsuki’s finesse and royalty vibe. Overall, a good touch, especially the flowing hair.

11. Kaah

Here, we have a close up look at one of the most beautiful faces of the prestigious Honnouji Academy. Kaah’s take here is absolutely stunning, especially when the detailed red hair highlights, depicting Ryuko’s rebellious personality. She kinda reminds of Alexandra Daddario here, especially the eyes.

10. Jane

Another one for the e-girl moment, Jane’s take on Ryuko, is quite modern and relatable, especially to girls on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Easily one of the reasons why most people are looking for cosplays on these websites. Anyway, I think what she did here is wonderful and something that most aspiring cosplayers can learn from.

9. Lian

Lian’s cosplay of Mako is something else. It’s actually very good since she’s managed to portray Mako in the cutest way possible. I don’t think no one can top this kind of cosplay, especially if we’re talking about the cuteness she’s exuding.

8. Itsu

Yet another home cosplay, with hot damn, a good one. We’re getting so much Ryuko cosplay, but we really can’t get enough of her since she’s actually a lovable character. Itsu did a good job of portraying what we love about Ryuko, which is her adorable side, which is extremely visible in this photo. Hands down, man.

7. Natariya

Another wonderful and spectacular display of Satsuki. I think the atmosphere here is quite something, considering that Satsuki is a bit of a tsundere herself, but then again, Natariya was able to capture this exact feeling that I have with her since episode 1.

6. Flemiar

One of the best Satsuki cosplay I’ve ever seen. This one has the look of a dominatrix to her, and I can’t believe how incredibly well-done this cosplay is.

She’s intimidating, just like her character and the way she portrayed is absolutely good. I couldn’t leave good comments because we already know how words aren’t enough to describe this kind of beauty.

5. Kttn

I think for me, Kttn’s cosplay is more refined than the rest of the home cosplay here, but the one thing that takes it away from me is the red highlight swinging to the right side. But regardless, it was a good thing for me. The whole was a good display of cosplay, and I think it deserves a spot here on this list.

4. Paper Princess

Paper Princess’ cosplay is incredibly good and well-done. I’m very surprised at that she used her signature weapon in this one-shot, amazing pose photoshoot. I really love the way she managed to portray her design in such an exquisite manner.

3. Fays

I’m done, I’m just done. Just look at her, man. The alluring look and the captivating pose is really something that I dig a lot. I don’t want to stress this out, but the number of waifu points this will earn in my waif-o-meter is gonna be over 9000. I’m not joking.

2. Sanet

I think one of the best cosplays I’ve seen so far. Her endearing look and the attitude and personality that is compressed into one photo is something worth noting. This tops on this list (even though they aren’t arranged in any particular order) because let’s be honest, she’s done well in this one, even accelerating her maturity by 5 years or so.

1. Ana

Hands down, one of the best, if not the best, cosplay I’ve seen in a character. The design was simplistic, and the cosplay props aren’t even the signature weapon.

It kinda resembles Mirai Kuriyama’s blood sword. Nevertheless, the bratty attitude and tsun-tsun personality that she’s emanating in this picture are enough to give you the vibes of knowing that there are actual living anime girls in real life.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Best Kill la Kill Cosplay.

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