Top 20 Best Naruto Cosplay That Are Too Good To Miss [2021]


Though filled with many fillers, the entire Naruto series is one of the best shounen anime ever. Masashi Kishimoto’s masterful narrative creation is the reason why Naruto is still one of the best anime to ever exist. And today, we’re bringing you our top picks for the top 20 best Naruto cosplay that are too good to miss.

Best Naruto Cosplay

20. Charlie

Of course, we’re talking about Naruto here, why not start the list with Naruto himself. Coming at the top of this list is Charlie’s wonderful Naruto cosplay. One of the best Naruto cosplay I’ve seen so far, and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table in the following months to come.

19. Anton

Shikamaru is one of Naruto’s best friends and, honestly, one of the most underrated characters. He’s a tactical genius and one of the most clever ones in the series. Anton’s cosplay brings the best out of Shikamaru by bringing Naruto along in this shoot.

18. Airi

Though Sakura is often considered useless, her efforts throughout the Shinobi War arc are highly recognized. Still trash, by the way, but Airi’s cosplay is just too good not to be included in this list.

17. Ays

Ays’ Hinata cosplay is one of the most adorable and lovely versions I’ve ever seen. No doubt the best girl of the series, aside from Ino, Ays’ depiction of Hinata is spot on, from the Shippuden attire to the casual pink t-shirt that Naruto probably feast on every day.

16. Chibi

Boy, Chibi’s cosplay is so damn simple that it really fits the description for Rin Nohara, one of the most tragic deaths in all of Naruto. But this one ain’t so tragic, for her cute cosplay is an eternal reminder of her neverending beauty.

15. Cory

Cory is definitely in the house for this beautiful and mesmerizing Kakashi-sensei’s cosplay. One of the GOATs, but this time around, he’s gonna be copying the famous Akatsuki cloak. Still a dope cosplay, by the way.

14. Milo

The edgiest boy in town, Sasuke, was Naruto’s first kiss. No wonder that bastard’s been out of town for too many years because of that event. Anyway, Milo’s cosplay is straight-up sexy for bringing in the best of the best of our edgy, sad boy Sasuke.

13. Angel

A more casual Hinata, Angel’s take here is one of the simplest Hinata cosplay, with little to no makeup at all, but the aura is there. You can even say the chakra is there.

12. Bunny

I’ve never seen a sexy jutsu Naruto, but damn, now I’m grateful for this. Bunny gave us a 3D look of what Naruto would look like IRL. I’m complaining…coz there’s nearly not enough of them.

11. Mako

Mako’s Konan take not only visually stunning but also one of the most eye-pleasing cosplay I’ve ever seen. No doubt that Pain wants to keep her in the Akatsuki simply for being this bare.

10. Nori

Are we gonna leave out our genjutsu master? Ino was always a favorite amongst men of all ages, including me. Nori’s cosplay proves that Ino is one of the top contenders for being Konoha’s finest.

9. Annie

Annie’s cosplay is simply amazing for bringing our number 1 sensei into the spotlight of cosplaying. The wig might not be the best thing for it, but since this is just a cosplay, it’s really, really fitting.

8. Miruqi

I’ve been following Miruqi for a very long time, and honestly, seeing her in a Hinata cosplay doesn’t really surprise me. She’s just amazing as she is with her other cosplay.

7. Ays

Ays’ cosplay is one of the pretty casual Hinata, in which she’s both pretty gorgeous, pretty casual, and absolutely breathtaking. From her ays, you can see that she’s really made an effort to make this cosplay glow up, just like Hinata herself.

6. Max

Max’s Shikamaru cosplay is spot on and definitely one of the best cosplays I’ve seen yet. There’s a lot of Shikamaru cosplay out there, but this one really fits my expectations of an IRL Shikamaru.

5. Gosu

Gosu’s Tobi cosplay is spot on and really professional. The photo doesn’t need a lot of editing, except probably for the eye part, but we can see how good it is just for the sleek Akatsuki cloak.

4. Fel

One of the most stunning and gorgeous Hinata cosplay I’ve ever laid my eyes on, this cosplay has done us the better part of what makes Hinata an absolute bishoujo.

3. Morganna

Neji’s legacy and sacrifice aren’t wasted as Morganna here display our powerful trigarms hero. One of the good things about this cosplay isn’t just the character, but also the hair and the makeup. A really stunning attempt at Neji, and we’re not complaining. It’s really good.

2. Amestris

A battle-ready Hinata, Amestris’s take is one of the most faithful to the character designs we’ve seen so far. Honestly, this is a professional take on Hinata, and I’m glad this exists. Thanks, Amestris!

1. J.hyun

Konoha’s finest wouldn’t be complete without our favorite, Ino Yamanaka. Thanks to Hyun’s confident display of her, we get to see how lovely Ino IRL is compared to her 2D counterpart.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there from other sources, but I hope you like our list for the Top 20 Best Naruto Cosplay That Are Too Good To Miss.

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