Top 20 Best NieR: Automata 2B Cosplay That Are Outright Amazing

Nier Automata 2b

It’s been 3 years since Square Enix’s stunning android action RPG, NieR: Automata was released on PS4 and later on PC and XBox as well.

The game still holds up to this day, and the most popular character that really spun many art covers and cosplays are YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or most commonly known as “2B”, a beautiful and incredibly well-designed military android. And speaking of cosplayers, here are the 20 Best Nier: Automata 2B Cosplays of 2020.

Best NieR: Automata 2B Cosplays

20. Purin

Purin’s cosplay is undeniably good. Without the black goth blouse, this is what 2b will look most of the time when she’s away from all the fighting for a quick summer getaway vacation. The outfit is spot on and captures similarly what 2b would wear in her “sleep” mode.

19. Daria Kirinskaya

Russian cosplayers are some of the most renowned cosplayers due to them being able to look European and Asian at the same time. Daria’s cosplay is a good example of a good 2b copy, which also features her signature Virtuous Contract Katana, which eloquently captures her convincing cosplay.

18. Rizzyun

The Brazilian cosplayer Rizzyun blessed us with a wonderful and actually damn good cosplay, especially with the smoke effects, the drone companion, and the dual-wielding of the katana, which captures 2b’s action-packed moments in the game, as well as the general vibe of the game from a single photo.

17. Gelus

Gelus, a Japanese cosplayer, brings us what 2b would’ve looked like if she removes her visor cover. At first glance, especially with the photo edit on, it really feels and captures the emotional atmosphere of the environment of the world in Nier, and I was dumbfounded. I thought this was a game screenshot for a second. That’s how good this cosplay is.

16. Masha

While Masha isn’t much of an active poster as much as the other cosplayers in this list, her portrayal as 2b, together with 9s, highlights her mastery of light and shadow photography mixture, especially this photo where she excels at portraying 2b’s “action” mode. She also has a Ko-Fi exhibit, which also captures the same photographic atmosphere from the same character.

15. elfmystical

A very stunning display of 2B gorgeous figure and innate talent for being too photogenic. Elfmystical’s use of light rays in an abandoned warehouse creates a stunning and visually-aesthetic scene of 2B’s overall modeling appeal.

14. missblondie0815

While it doesn’t exactly show what 2B looks like from the front, it does give us a better look on her back and the elegant design of her blouse that is almost always overlooked when it comes to cosplay shoots.

13. togemesh

A bit more on 2B’s revealing outfit where we get to have a good look at her eyes. While the outfit’s design exactly resembles her overall design, the mole from her left chin is a good touch, which most cosplayers forgot to put on.

12. Eklesa

With a mixture of smoke, a single light source, and shadow trails, Eklesa was able to give one of the most stunning visual depictions of the truly gorgeous and beautiful 2B, especially with the professional look and cleanliness of the photo.

11. Purin

Yet another quality cosplay from Purin. Here’s what 2b would like in a bunny girl costume. I think this one’s well-made, taking into account the inspiration of 2b undergarment’s design and amplifying it with a bunny girl costume.

10. Daisy Kat Cosplay

This one’s a rather odd take on 2B since Daisy’s cosplay would be exactly what you think it is. If 2b was modeled next to the closest Barbie clone, it would be this cosplay. The boots particularly highlight 2B’s overall fashion sense.

9. Tsuki

For me, I think Tsuki’s design can be a bit of a younger version of 2B if she ever has an evolution-based development. Tsukis cosplay is very simple, yet captures the emotional and aesthetic value of what 2B looks would be like if she was 5 years younger when that game started.

8. Tsuki

Another one of Tsuki’s cosplay. This time around, it’s an unlockable skin and reimagined cosplay if 2B went for corporate jobs. I think this one fits 2B’s personality as well. I really can’t help but think that she would be a bad secretary. Maybe a manager.

7. Bibi

A bit more provocative, yet powerful cosplay. The tube suit that Bibi managed to pull off is something extraordinarily stunning as it captivates the powerful figure of 2b as a battle android. Although the gothic style isn’t present, the modern-day vibe is there.

6. Bibi

Same cosplayer, but this time around, the undergarments are present, and the background and effects are well-polished. This photo signifies 2b’s figure and design as it highlights her suit, which has a friction pen-like logo. At first, I thought this photo was an action figure with a 1:1 ratio. It’s actually a good one, so your eyes can be deceived.

5. Daria Kirinskaya

And there she goes again. Honestly, I think it’s just too perfect for me. Especially how she was able to give off the vibe of how her cosplay is the legit cosplay from the game itself. The drones and the background edit really help her stand out, especially with the contrast of the characters.

4. Mono Xia

I think this cosplay is one of the best open visor 2b cosplays I’ve seen so far. The character design and figure closely match the original design. The mole is there as well. Her facial figure also resembles 2b, as well as the design of the shirt. A few gothic designs didn’t make it to the final outfit, though.

3. Loliela Cosplay

Loliela’s cosplay is just hands down too close to the original. This one hits the spot for being outright one of the best 2b cosplays I’ve seen.

2. Daria Flora

Daria’s cosplay captures not only 2b’s figure and assets but also her playful side when 9s is not around. I think this one tops solely because of overall closeness to the character design and faithfulness to its concept.

1. Naiichiru

Honestly, one of the best cosplays I’ve ever seen. Not only did the atmosphere blend in, but the overall detail of the character, from the outfit and the character’s closeness to 2b’s body structure, the katana’s looks, and the proper usage of lighting and shadows for me makes this top-tier 2b cosplays.

Final Thoughts

So, anyone, you like so far? What are your thoughts about this cosplay? This is limited only to Instagram posts. There’s a lot more out there, but I hope you like our list for the 20 Best NieR: Automata 2B Cosplays That Are Outright Amazing.

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